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Illegal business practices

Today, on 29.04.2021, I got an invoice for a TeamViewer Business Yearly Subscription.

Yet, on 04.01.2021, I had a written confirmation (ticket #34244177) that my subscription will be terminated on 28.04.2021.

This is the second time your company has done something highly irregular. Indeed, I got on 22.12.2020 an invoice from CreditReform for my 2020 license, to which they added around 110€ of fees. This is an illegal practice in Switzerland, as you are supposed to send a recommended letter before pretending to any late fees. Sending invoices by e-mail does not count as it is not legally binding.

I am writing this here so everyone knows of TeamViewer's shady business practices. I will also file a complaint to Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft SECO. Hopefully these practices will stop for everyone who is affected.



  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,136 Moderator

    Hi @fullrangeinteractive

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    I understand your anger and frustration - however, we - in the community - do not have the ability to assist in such matters for security & privacy purposes, therefore, please have a discussion in writing via the support ticket with our customer support team, so they will give you a possible solution.

    Once again we thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Kind regards,


    Community Moderator/ コミュニティモデレーター
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