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installing update on macbook pro

lbmc8 Posts: 1
edited August 1 in General Questions

I have a macbook pro i had teamviewer 15.19.4 that i use once a week. no one ever teamviews into me i only go out to one person today i had someone that couldnt get into me showed i needed to give access to keyboards, files, etc. that it was denied. After setting up system preferences to give access denied went away. i saw there was an update available to 15.20.4 and i took it it has said "installing update" with the little blue bar going back and forth like it is still working, but getting nowhere. i cancelled update. shut off laptop and tried again but to no avail. so basically the window which says "welcome to teamviewer installer" is stil open stuck on "introduction" and the other window is "updating teamviewer" blue bar still going back and forth. Any suggestions? Thank you.