Feedback on TeamViewer and Windows 11

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  • Spirt51
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    The latest version of TeamViewer does not work on Windows 11. The program process is there, but the windows and the icon on the back panel are not.

    Выпуск Windows 11 Pro

    Версия Dev

    Дата установки ‎01.‎07.‎2021

    Сборка ОС 22000.1

    Взаимодействие Windows Feature Experience Pack 321.15400.0.3

  • Test123Test
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    On Windows 11, this is happening in all of the 32-bit versions of TeamViewer. They are failing to allocate shared memory for IPC needs. Microsoft may have broke something in the WinStation module. The only version of TeamViewer that works is version 15 (64-bit). Maybe TeamViewer can implement a workaround.

    I tried these registry entries with no luck:





    G1  Using IPC-Port 6039

    G1  SHMR: Initializing shared memory.

    G1  UpdateOnlineState newOnlineValue 0

    G1!!!CRASH: Unhandled C++ exception at 0x7653E7A2: bad allocation (Exception Code: 0xE06D7363), Errorcode=8

  • atyar
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    Good afternoon y'all!

    I just got the Windows 11 Preview on my pc via the 'Windows Insider Program' and am checking everything out. I'm wondering if anybody here has tried using Teamviewer(free license, particularly) with Windows 11 (on either 'end').

    Would y'all please let me know and any other thoughts/comments that come to mind....


  • IT_Is_Life
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    Answer ✓

    It installs with no issues, but I can not seem to get a connection to any remote device yet.

  • Champion56
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    One marquee feature is that Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps, though with some caveats. ... Note that in addition to apps, the Store offers Movies and TV as well as games.

  • atyar
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    thanks for answering! That's my experience so far, too. Are you a paid user by any chance? If so, would you be willing to submit a support ticket about it to see what they say/what happens? I used to be a paid user, but I had to cut back to the free level as it just wasn't happening like I wanted it to in order to recoup the monthly cost.....

    Either way, thanks again for answering! Pls post back if you make any progress on it! Thx!


  • tmorg
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    I don't believe they will answer on a beta preview. I have asked this before on MAC OS betas.

  • tmorg
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    Update: If you connect to Windows 11 from Monterey with Microsoft Remote Desktop app then Team Viewer actually connects. Not sure what's allowing it then but it does. It will also stay connected if you close the RDC after TV is connected. This works the same from another Windows 10 machine.

  • atyar
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    Please explain what you mean by "to Windows 11 from Monterey". Incidentally, I'm initially wanting to get this working for connecting *FROM Windows 11(on my pc) to Windows 10(my elderly mother's pc in Florida). Thanks, much, for your continued patience and help! :)

  • bitwiser
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    I've contacted support and they were no help. Basically said wait for it to be updated/released. I have the same issue. Fresh install of Windows 11 with latest update. TV connects but screen does not refresh. I either get a black screen, half drawn login screen or the entire login screen that I can't type or do anything with.

  • atyar
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    Please explain what you mean by "from Monterey"! I'm initially wanting to get this working to be able to connect *from MY pc(running Windows 11) *to my elderly mother(in another state)'s pc(running windows 10)...

    TYVM for your continued help and patience!

  • tmorg
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    Monterey is the latest OS of Mac. I was attempting to connect from Mac OS Monterey to my Windows 11 beta. What I discovered was once connected via Remote Desktop to Windows 11 then Team Viewer "WOULD" connect. If the Remote Desktop session was not connected Team Viewer will not connect to the Windows 11 machine. I am a Licensed user of Team Viewer. I am however able to connect from the Windows 11 machine to the Mac Monterey computer without remote desktop connected. I also didn't mention the connection "to" Monterey was after the latest update.

  • Natascha
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    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. We really appreciate the time you took to let us know. 👍

    May I kindly ask you all to upgrade to the latest version of TeamViewer and try to connect again?

    If you are still facing any issues, I want to invite you to report it to our development team in this thread.

    Wish you all a great rest of the week and really looking forward to hear about your experience with the latest version of TeamViewer and Windows 11. 😊

    All the best,


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