Dumb question about full version


I am an individual user of the free version, for several years now. I usually use TeamViewer to watch a battery charger balance cells in my garage, from my bedroom.

I need to conference (meeting) with a friend to show him some stuff about the battery charging. I don't want to control his computer, or vice-versa.

Instructions for "meeting" say that I need the "full version." I can't find anything defining "full version," other than "The TeamViewer full version is the "original" TeamViewer and allows you to utilize all available features."

Does "full version" mean the paid version? They want $300 for a full year. I just want to use it once, to share my screen with him while we talk about the battery stuff. Maybe twice.

...??!! Thanks, Douglas


  • Esther
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    Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for your question. A very smart question if I may add!

    The full version does not require a license for private use and it is with 100% certainty the same version you are using already. You only need to change the tab from Remote Control to Meeting to host your call with your friend and present him your screen (see the screenshot below):

    Does that help?

    Thanks, Esther

    Former Community Manager