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Hot Corners from local host are sent to remote computer mac os 12 monterey

c3sroth Posts: 1 Newbie

Can somebody confirm this behaveiour with teamviewer 15 on mac os 12?

As long as the teamviewer window is active and the cursor is moving into one of the corners of the local system, the hot corner action is sent to the remote host.

This seems to be new and does not happen in older mac os version.

Can this be changed?



  • AlexFoo
    AlexFoo Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited March 30

    I can confirm this behaviour in TeamViewer 15.28.5 on Mac OS 12.2.1 on both machines. Disabling "Send system key combinations" does not disable this behaviour.

    Hotcorners is triggered on the TeamViewer window erratically for example moving my mouse to the screen bottom to bring up the app icons on local machine will trigger hotcorners in the remote machine.

    My workaround is to loose focus on the TeamViewer window which means I can't have the remote machine on full screen mode.