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How to report an hacker's ID?


This morning, i have the bad surprise to have a Teamviewer session closed with firefox open on the paypal site ....

My question, how to report an hacker's ID? (ID of the session):

[ID removed]    Big-killer28    01-09-2017 05:17:27    01-09-2017 05:20:06    ermie    RemoteControl    {819FF1CB-23EB-457C-A55D-328EAF3C6BA0}    
[ID removed]   Big-killer28    01-09-2017 05:20:10    01-09-2017 05:21:54    ermie    RemoteControl    {D13583E3-B314-482C-9021-B5D314E9422A}    
[ID removed]    Big-killer28    01-09-2017 05:21:57    01-09-2017 05:22:55    ermie    RemoteControl    {42064EEB-CA94-4092-B848-1AB1C9659D90}   

I have clear all my familly PC on my account...

Thank and sorry for my bad english (i'm french :-) )

Laurent / Big-killer28