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Good afternoon,

i have installed teamviewer host on my mobile.

i have installed teamviewer also on my pc.

i connect then with my pc to the mobile.

when i do something on my mobile i see that on de pc.

when i want to remote my mobile with the pc and the mouse its not working.

can somebody help me with this?

i dont know how this becomes.

kind regards,



  • JenW
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    Hi @Nickerd,

    Welcome to our Community! 🎉

    First of all, could you please check if your device's manufacturer is part of that list 👉 Supported manufacturers for remotely controlling Android devices?

    If yes, please try to delete the TeamViewer Host app and download it again.

    💡 If they request you to download an Add-on, you must install it as well.

    Reach out to me anytime if the issue remains,



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  • Nickerd
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    Hi Jenw.

    i used a realme smartphone.

    i have try to delete my teamviewer host app and installed again.

    it don't work

    I have also a chromebook and a windows PC.

    When i used my chromebook and i want remote my mobile that worked and it is on the same network.

    When i used my PC Windows that don't work to remote my mobile.

    When i make a connection with my mobile on a Windows PC it ask to starting casting on my mobile.

    When i touch started on my mobile i see then on my Windows pc the screen from my mobile but i can do nothing on my Windows PC to control my mobile.

    i see only on my Windows PC what i do on my mobile but can not control it form my Windows PC.

    I hope you have a solution for this

    many thanks

    Kind Regards,


  • Kiwoo
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    I've been facing a similar problem for several months. In my case, clicking the Start button closes all windows and opens the Report window.

    This issue occured on various devices including Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, S22, LG V50, V60, VELVET, etc.

    Currently I no longer have mobile access to my Windows PC, and unless mobile support is available, I no longer need to keep my TeamViewer subscription.

    Thank you

  • Nickerd
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    Hi kiwoo,

    What are you mean with this:In my case, clicking the Start button closes all windows and opens the Report window.

    Can you explain me this better what are you say to me?

    Thanks for the help.

    Kind regards,


  • Nickerd
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    Good evening,

    Teamviewer works again with my Windows pc en my mobile.

    Thanks for all the help.

    Greet Nickerd.