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TeamViewer only connects once, then have to restart the computer to connect again

I have TeamViewer version 15.33.7 (I have tried other older versions but still have the same issue) for Ubuntu 20.04 and I can only seem to connect to the computer once before I am stuck in "connecting" when I try to connect once more.

The only way I can seem to connect again is by completely restarting my computer. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue before.



  • misterm3140
    misterm3140 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I figured this out by downgrading to 15.1.3937.

    I was experiencing the same issues.

    First use:

    apt-cache showpkg teamviewer # Check to see if you have 15.1.3937

    Then use:

    sudo apt-get install teamviewer=15.1.3937 # Downgrade to this TeamViewer version