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On Debian 11 cannot connect after logout/restart

Palmi Posts: 2 ✭✭

Hello Everybody,

I installed Teamviewer 15.34.4 (free version) on a PC with Debian 11. Even if I configured "Start TeamViewer with system" and "Grant Easy Access" to connect from remote I need to log the system via other ways (RDP) and launch TeamViewer from menu, but if I restart the system or log-out I loose any possibility to connect again with TeamViewer.

Of course I run "sudo systemctl start teamviewerd" and "sudo systemctl enable teamviewerd", but seems not changing anything.

Is there, maybe, any piece of previous installations that is preventing the normal behaviour?

I re-installed (purging the previous installations) several times, but unsuccessfully.

I thank you in advance for any hints on how to solve this problem

Best regards



  • Palmi
    Palmi Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I solved my problem updating the client to the latest version.

    Thanks anyway

    Best regards