Not able to connect to a laptop after waking up from sleep

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We are having an issue with not being able to connect to a laptop connected to a docking station once it goes to sleep.

I have a Word document that explains all the tests I have done so far but it will not upload. So here it is:

Once a laptop goes to sleep from the 2-hour power setting (and even when sent to sleep mode via the laptop keyboard) while connected to the docking station, TeamViewer times out while trying to connect.

Even though the Laptop is in sleep mode, the client’s TeamViewer shows it as not in sleep mode:

Doing a Microsoft remote desktop connection shows no TeamViewer icon:

Then it comes up with a user account window:

Even after selecting Yes, there is still no TeamViewer icon:

When I try to TeamViewer in is just displays the user account window.

Even after selecting Yes, there is still no TeamViewer icon:

If I launch TeamViewer on the host, it displays the user account window and, after selecting Yes, then it has a TeamViewer icon:

When I try to TeamViewer in, it just open TeamViewer:

And the TeamViewer connection fails:

Rebooting the Laptop using Microsoft remote desktop fixes the issue (until it goes to sleep mode again).

When a desktop is in sleep mode, TeamViewer shows it as offline:

And Microsoft remote desktop does not connect (because it is in sleep mode):

When TeamViewer wakes up the desktop, it shows up as online and TeamViewer can connect. I can also put the desktop to sleep, and it shows up as off line.

A laptop will not go to sleep when clicking on sleep via TeamViewer (I think).

After rebooting via remote desktop, remote desktop will not connect and gives this window (before even asking for a password:

Tried remote desktop again and it asked for password, but still will not connect via TeamViewer. I may have tried to remote desktop into the desktop before it was ready (due to the reboot).


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    Hello... From your text, I am not clear about what your issue is. Here are three scenarios that I got from your text:

    1. Your computer goes into sleep mode automatically after 2 hours, and when it is in sleep mode you cannot see your computer listed as online? If that is the case, this is normal.
    2. After your computer has gone in sleep mote after 2 hours automatically, after you wake up your computer (locally, not remotely), TeamViewer does not launch/opens automatically?
    3. After your computer goes automatically into sleep mode after 2 hours of inactivity, you wake up your computer using WoL, and TeamViewer does not launch/opens automatically?

    Can you clarify, to see if I can help?