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i have seen some posts on the Buddy List issue, but i am still having issues moving a computer ID from "unknown" to an existing group "SC Horsley Park". i cannot see where the ID is anywhere else to remove it? it only appears in "unknown"

user does have 2 devices assigned but these have different ID's and Names.

the ID i want to move only appears once in the list of computers and contacts.

some advice would be helpful.

Regards Darryn


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    Hi @DGMPAIT_2175,

    Thank you for visiting TeamViewer Community!

    May I ask you to perform the following actions or checklist please:

    • Group permission - if you are the group owner of SC Horsley Park? Or if the group is shared by other user, do you have the permission of read and write on the shared group.
    • Device ID - If you have saved the ID into any other group previously? Can you kindly try to delete the device and re-add ID into the desired group.
    • Account Assignment - If the device has been assigned to any other user's account which is different to group owner of SC Horsley Park?

    I am sorry for all these IF questions but hope the questions would bring some hints in solving the issue for you.



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