My connection only lasts for about 19 seconds and then cuts out

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    DMRCPA Posts: 4 ✭✭

    My system only stays connected for 19 seconds. Then punts me out. Is that a system error or web issue?


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    Hi @DMRCPA,

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    When the connection cut off, did you see any error message from TeamViewer? What did it say?

    Meanwhile, may I ask you kindly try to restart TeamViewer services on both sides and then try again for the connections?

    Keep me posted about your progress.



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    I have the same issue. It think my access is commercial. Granted it's running on a commercial facility of the Salvation Army. I'm running an Emergency Disaster Service Winlink Gateway. The facility is 60-plus miles. I remote to quickly monitor the system's running.

    It's an Amateur Radio Email program that we use if we lose the internet. Unfortunately, it shuts down. I had this issue years ago and I explain it was not for profit or commercial access. It's frustrating to have to drive 60 miles to work on the PC when I can log in.


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    It appears to have fixed itself, thinking it was a poor web connection.