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Screen Skew

I installed Teamviewer on a Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential on 5/15/17 and Windows 10.  When I remote into the tablet, I am able to click on icons and maneuver around, but the screen has skewed as if the horizontal sync isn't right.     The right edge of the tablet screen appears to be located in the middle of the remote view, and each level of icons skews to the left until it wraps around back to the middle of the screen.    If you click on the remote view, where the original icon is, things are fine.  But the display is completely wrong.  If you see that Black and Yellow icon, that is the Kestrel LINK app for reference.  It sits on the right of the tablet's screen.  When I'm remoted in, the quality and scaling options do not make any difference at all.  Changing the monitor resolution doesn't seem to do anything either.




  • Peny
    Peny Posts: 2

    Hello, I'd just like to add that I experience the exact same problem with my Lenovo TAB3. I tried remoting the TAB3 from a Win7 PC and from a Android phone, both devices will only show a skewed and distorted version of the remote screen. Control gestures are however picked up correctly if i swipe or click on icons (where they ought to be), same behaviour seen by Girion47.
    As both I and Girion47 are using Lenovo TAB3 tablets it indicates that it could be a model specific problem with the Lenovo TAB3. I've also tested a Lenovo TAB2 (A10-70F, Android 5.0.1) with which the remote control works without any issues. It is a pity, I had hoped to use TeamViewer specifically when I bought the TAB3. I wonder if Lenovo support can be of any help, perhaps I'll make an attempt to contact them also.

    Some details on my setup:
    > Lenovo TAB3, model TB3-710F, Android 5.0.1 (OS: TB3-710F_S000028_170316_ROW), Teamviewer QS 12.1.6777.
    > Controlling device: Windows 7 running TeamViewer 12.0.77242.

  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    Wow, that is a wild one! I'm not going to be any help other than asking if either of you are paying users, and if so, Definately contact TeamViewer Support!

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    Bart Lanzillotti
  • felic
    felic Posts: 3

    Any update on the issue?! Im having this problem too and i cant figure it out

  • I'm having the same issue on Lenovo TB3-710F tablets.   I got one tablet to work, but don't know what I did different to make it work.  Colors are displayed in weird distortions across screen.

  • Looks like team viewer tech doesn't care
  • I finally determined the cause of the skewed or garbled screen on the Lenovo TB3-710F tablets running Android 5.0.1.  The tablets must be held in a landscape orientation for the remote display to work correctly.  If the tablet is rotated to a portrait orientation, the remote display will become skewed.  Operating one of the tablets in a landscape orientation by remote control takes a bit of getting used to, but can be done.  Curiously, when I remote into a Lenovo TB3-730F tablet running Android 6.0, the tablet must be held in a portrait orientation, which seems more natural, but also results in a smaller display.

  • Felic, try placing your tablet in a landscape position before remoting into it.

  • Peny
    Peny Posts: 2

    Nice detective work WLDean007!
    I can verify that your solution works for me as well on my TB3-710F - Placing the Lenovo tablet in landscape position will help me avoid the skewed screen that appears in portrait position.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your findings!