New version is horrible... considering alternatives.


I'm a 1 person show ... my company's only IT person. I've been using PDQ deploy to install Teamviewer on all of our machines so that I can get remote co-access to my end-users machine to support them. This new version is absolutely a nightmare. It's worse than beta software with the bugs, the horrible GUI, the serious degradation in performance, and oftentimes the compelte lack of functionality. The software looks horible, is hard to use, way too many clicks, and in the end, doesn't work!

Since I have a business account, I called their support when this surprise version was implemented because I could no longer use it without each of my end users creating an account and logging in (that's never going to happen!). However, they were so innundated that the phone line went to a message telling me to make a ticket online and then it hung up - even though one of the 'features' of a paid accoun is phone support. So I created a ticket, but never heard back from them.

I called back later in the day and was able to get into the call queue . I spoke with someone who was nice, but told me that with my business account, I should not be installing the full version on end-users machines, but I should be installing only the Host version. So I went through the process of generating a host to install. I deployed that on several test machines. The Host is garbage. Sometimes the install works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the machine is remotely controllable, sometimes it isn't. If I try to configure unattended remote access, sometimes I can get it to allow my account to manage the machine, sometimes it won't accept my username and password... sometimes I enter my username and password and it just hangs there and nothing happens. Totally inoperable, totally inconsistent across the board!

Since we have multiple locations, I have the machines I manage organized into different groups by location. No longer can you drag and drop to move machines & device into the group they should be in. Furthermore, with the Host, sometimes a machine I've installed it on shows up in the management console, but most often it doesn't show up at all! The host says it is managed by (my email address), but it doesn't show up in my TeamViewer anywhere. If it does show up in Teamviewer, then I am not able to move the device into the correct group in the TeamViewer app.

I created a host which has our logo and "supposedly" puts the machine in the correct group, but it never puts the machine in a group - the machines are just lost in the ether somewhere. I deployed the exact same host setup.exe to 5 machines and 3 of them had the branding and 2 did not... 2 of them have the god-aweful new GUI where you have to make 2 extra clicks to find the TeamviewerID. 2 of them were managed by my account, and 3 of them I cannot get them to accept my account management.

One of the main reasons we've used teamviewer in the past was simplicity and consistency. This this 10 steps in the wrong direction. This new software is complete garbage, and I'm strongly considering moving to something else. My end users are going to have to learn something new anyway... it might as well be something that works instead of this steaming heap of **bleep**.



  • lowbug
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    Same issue for us. Now looking elsewhere. think we need to get a license refund. This new version cant even IP to IP team view.

    Truly awful interface, and changing the taskbar icon colour now means loads of helpdesks will have to change guidance notes.,

  • ManP
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    TeamViewer has obviously had brain fade here. I can't find an option to connect using a LAN IP address and it appears that someone at the receiving end is required to generate a code to give to the person initiating the connection. Absolute idiots!

  • jaykay1320
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    WOW what a fail, this is juvenile development. Been doing this for 30 years and cant work out how to add a machine to a list. And how about having to add device to join this blog when the same device has been running TV for years. Get your act together, turn this new garbage off until you get it functioning. Whoever developed this has never done support. Leaving if you don't wake up!!

  • B123
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    As far as I can tell, users of PCs you're connecting into don't need to create an account.

    All they need to do is click on "Join a session" and then use a session code or "Connect to a TeamViewer ID" (which barely makes sense).

    Of course, the fact that this is not obvious is in itself a problem. (As mentioned in this other post, I think the new UI is generally too complex unfortunately.)

  • B123
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    As far as I can tell, users of PCs you're connecting into don't need to create a account (even with the new version).

    All they need to do is to click on "Join a session" and enter a Session Code or click on "Connect to a TeamViewer ID" (which doesn't quite make sense, since it will actually display their PC's ID.)

    You're right, the fact that this is not obvious is a problem in itself. (As I mentioned in this other post, the new UI is generally more complex unfortunately.)

  • B123
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    I was just commenting on the need to create the account, otherwise I agree with you.

    It seems that we have similar use cases: cases that worked much better with the previous UI (and cases which the TeamViewer team has visibly not taken into account).

  • Ericbob
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    It's HK_Current_User/Software/Teamviewer/UIVersion

    Value 2 = old design, 4 = new design

  • aticspa
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    I know that if you use QS or host you pretty can get the old interface but as sometimes happens that it's useful I like the most to install the full version. So the last two days they were nightmare so I had to rely on other solutions to fill out my supporting job as the only workaround I figure out of this GUI mess. So **bleep** stupid so **bleep** outrageous. I'm just waiting the moment our license will expire to get their sales asking to renew because I'm going to tell him we switched to something else hoping they do not mess the same way.

  • Bart_Fortus
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    Same for our tech support. We were using TV for years and this new changes may result in us being forced to change to an alternative. Calls with computer illiterate users are difficult already and considering you have SO MANY extra steps is a no-go for us.

    How can a good product become so bad?

  • ItLisscom
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    New change is bad for all TV users. I think was better before and this changes will affecting my experience with your product

  • Baldcoder
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    I don't like that you can't seem to initiate a file transfer without first connecting to the guest in the new UI. At least I couldn't find it.

  • Karolos
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    Already looking for alternative on the market. Possibly **Third Party Product**

  • WizardWell
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    I can't believe they did this. We are moving away from this ASAP, I'm going to cancel my account and get a refund if I can.

  • FxDB
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    I think , considering they are substantially changing the product, its uses, its benefits and simplicity, a refund for those wishing to move on shoudl be in order. Either that or to at least maintain the "classic" apps and functionality until the end of current subscribers billing cycles.

    Personally, I will be moving on from this product asap. Following this change, I do not want any more **bleep** suprises thrown at me, the last few have cemented its fate.

    Its gone from being simple, quick and intuitive to a convoluted confusing mess. Great job Devs :)

  • millsaz
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    After 15 years with teamviewer I will be moving to another product. So far... complete failure on the new interface and management, multiple outages, connection issues constantly, my device groups are a complete mess, new interface takes up to much real estate on my screen, I pay way to much for teamviewer, and someone should be fired at teamviewer for the new platform.

    I agree with FxDB....we should receive the option to cancel our subscription and be refunded for the remaining balance. I will say [removed per Community Guidelines]


  • logixmark
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    Reading these comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one truly disappointed and frustrated with this 'upgrade'. I have been with T/V for more years than I care to add up. For the most part, it was a very basic, easy to use, and reliable remote service I use daily with my clients. For me personally, while expensive, worked with 99% reliability. This new version...WTH?! Why??? You took a very simplistic & reliable interface and turned into a complicated, clugy, and extremely volatile & bugging interface. Audio calls "sometimes" work and "sometimes" don't. Audio is extremely quiet and unusable, then randomly comes back to normal volume. Contacts from my previous versions are now no longer in this version. The overall "full screen" interface is completely unneccsary & seemingly used for "what's new" animations. The list goes on...There are several other remote monitoring services, free services, that come very close to what T/V used to be in prior versions. When you have a solid product, don't 'upgrade' and change everything about it "just because"...this was a huge swing & a miss!

    ~Very annoyed; very frustrated!

  • Bk2023
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    Is there a 64-bit installer available for teamviewer host? Looking to upgrade our clients from Teamviewer 12 to 15 and they're on 32-bit. We use the 64-bit full version to connect to these clients.

  • Omar_Arg
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    I agree with colleagues. Why change something simple that works perfectly fine? That the end user has to create an account to receive support is a crime, an unforgivable sin, the user will never do it. You will say "ok use the host or quick support", but it is adding difficulties to the technical team.

    We know that the software must improve for efficiency and security, but why change the interface that was the key to work with teamviewer?!?!?!?

  • Orange_Sunset
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    This new TeamViewer is terrible.

    At first they just moved everything around which was annoying, and less intuitive, and now I am struggling to add new devices. Getting "please try later".

    100% will be looking at alternatives today. If this is how TeamViewer is from now on, then I simply cannot stick with it.

    Completely trashed a great application. Mental.

  • JKallevig
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    What a shock this morning!!! We cannot work.

  • kavaa
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    For now did this on some machines and works;

    Set-ItemProperty -Path “HKCU:\Software\Teamviewer” -Name ‘UIVersion’ -Value 2 -Type DWORD –Force

    Stop-Process -Name "TeamViewer*" -Force

    Start-Sleep 5

    cd "C:\Program Files\TeamViewer"


    exit 0

    Hoping there will be an option or something in the new ui without the need of logging in!

  • OngoPH
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    Also, you cant connect to the devices that are on "Standby Mode", in the old version of Teamviewer, you can try to connect on that devices, now in the latest UI, only the 'online devices' you can connect.

  • molitar
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    New version looks like something for home users and not professionals. The UI takes up 2/3rd of the screen on a 2K monitor! Seriously this is absurd.... Quit trying to make a professional software into something for home users.. We do not need stupid buttons for uploading photos! Do they think as professionals we are idiots? We need very small UI so we can manage what we are managing without it getting in our way!

    The new UI looks like the hired the **bleep** Google & Microsoft Developers making everything ugly flat eye candy!

  • User124312876
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    Same - one of the most important things is moving end points into organized groups. It was so simple before - right click, properties, select group. Now I have to open a chat support session cause you cant figure it out through the web interface and you cant do it in the thick client.

    3rd world development. You're supposed to make the software BETTER and add features, not screw it up.

  • AlexVonAdmin
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    Not a good start to a new version. Everything gets restricted until you appease the system in some way I haven't quite understood fully yet. TeamViewer support just goes radio silence when asked these pointed questions. I suspect they are behind the scenes melting down at the moment. Having said that, I like the new look and features. Hoping they get corrected soon so we can start using them.