The new UI is horrible...



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    I wrote a lengthy reply that just disappeared for some reason when I edited a typo.

    In short. I tried refreshing, CTRL+ F5, and even accessing management from another computer, and nothing, I can see 175 computers that were added before the last update, but I can't see the last one. Also, what is interesting, I can see it under its computer name in my TW application, but when right-clicking on it and selecting Properties, the only option I have is Description which is disabled. When clicking on previously added computers and selecting Properties, I am getting a full range of options, including Alias. The only difference between these computers are that the last one is running the latest Host version, others are on full versions (before this last update).

    Do you know if giving an alias to the installed host version that is assigned to an account is disabled?

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    Agree with all above, this UI and lack of ID/password it ridicules.

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    Corporate users with 30 licences and 1900 agent users. The new UI is shocking.

    We service over 1000 tickets per day and rely on Teamviewer ID and Password access, which is buried in the sessions area..

    The UI is messy, clunky and so WHITE Its hard to look at. Please get this sorted before unleashing or you are going to lose $Billions.

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    New UI is not good for us at all, more clumbsey and setting up new systems wtih unatended access is longer and more cumbersome.

    **bleep** were you guys thinking?!?

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    While I appreciate the new UI design but the functionality **bleep** big time. I wonder who approved this. That person should get FIRED.

    The new UI missing the ease of access for ID and password, missing the options, missing the Ease of Access function.

    Dude you need to realize that 1 paid user is using to support 10 device kind of thing. Forcing all the devices to register an account with TeamViewer is not going to work.

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    The new Teamviewer UI uses Microsoft Edge WebView2, which comes as part of Edge, although it can be installed separately without Edge as far as I know. In Teamviewer Options> Advanced, all the way at the bottom is a heading "IoT Options" which has a checkbox for "Use Microsoft Edge WebView2 for Remote AppControl"

    Try unchecking that and see if it changes anything.


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    What an absolute garbage UI!! Who ever designed this needs to look for a new job. It is so bad it is nearly non functional, what the bleep are these UI designers even thinking, sure, we care a little about appearance but not by sacrificing usability. TV, you need to fire these UI designers and revert as fast as possible.

    FYI I had to install a new PC and I literally cannot figure out how to add the new PC to my list, I had to download the Hosted version just to connect and get my job done.

    Not sure what to do next..

    [removed per Community Guidelines] I don't want to switch since I have a lot of PC's connected but if this is the future I am jumping off.

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    You are right. For receiving connections it's not a minor thing to create a teamviewer account. But unfortunately you didn't read my entire post, since I also said, that for usecases like yours, you can use either the Host client (if you want to install a service) or the Quick Support tool (for one time use). The FullClient is meant to be used to connect to someone else - in which case do understand to make an account a requirement (though, I'm not a fan of it either).

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    True.. 1st need sign in.. while old one still can get remote even without login, can setting new password, and remote localy by ip.. now what.. not everyone have tv users.. and not pratical to enter support account to user pc..

    Is there any way to access old UI without login 1st? like create shortcut teamviewer -old or something

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    This new version is absolute garbage and a complete mess. I can’t figure this **bleep** out and have had to resort to using a competitor’s product instead. I won’t be renewing my license. This is seriously the stupidest **bleep** I’ve ever seen in an update. You’ve lost my business!!!!

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    Agreeing here with all the other comments. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There was nothing wrong with the old interface. It was logical and easy to use.

    The grouping worked well as did everything else. I persevered with the new interface for a few days but the final straw was the number of clicks trying to connect to a new clients computer by the TeamViewer ID. Switched back to the old UI and peace & calm ensued.

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    The person I'm working with and I spent half an hour trying to create a connection and couldn't figure it out. Can we go back to the old version? I just need help with typing sometimes. Let me suggest that TeamViewer give an hour a day for the free version or have a reasonable priced one for lay people. It's sometimes bans me for no reason and then I have to wait weeks.

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    I have been complaining about the chat feature being covered by adds for a long time and chat has gone backwards. Now in the new version - they redesigned chat so that a user have to have an account with teamviewer in order to chat. Then when you do that you can talk to the user but the user cannot type back. Even the chat is a little popup or a side bar which the users will never see. Useless.

    Teamviewer was used to support customers who are not technically savy and the simplisity of TV two years ago - perfect. Now this monster has many heads and it does not do this right.

    I cannot create for each machine supported an account. It will take weeks. You are missing the mark TeamViewer.

    Seperate your products. Give us Remote support separate. Leave what made you great alone. Nobody asked for the rest. Put that in other products for those who want it.

    As a long time user now I have to manage Teamviewer before I can manage my customers. Thanks for adding complexity to everything. It is just terrible.

    So glad I don't have stocks in TeamViewer - it is a sinking ship. There is still time to save this ship but Teamviewer is so big - why do they need to listen.

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    absolutely horrible / terrible / demotivating

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    This is a complete disaster. 'Groups' are totally screwed up, PCs are 'Bookmarked and not available'.

    The only consolation is I can at least still find the PCs I support.

    reverting to the old platform is also a complete dogs dinner

    Why would you release such a poor upgrade?🤦

  • derekdcosta
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    Andre, It does not work. Plain and simple. I

    t seems someone stood at the window and threw a grenade into the room. What was a tight, simple interface is now a complete quagmire of new and duplicated groups, bookmarked, read 'crippled' devices, glitches connecting to Easy Access PCs. Computers/Devices stuck between the new group and old group.

    I chose the update link to upgrade the Devices and boy that was a mistake.. Devices are doing their own thing and I have to fix that mess manually on remote devices!

    The app now freezes on my Mac and I have to force quit. It will, if it feels like it, list the Devices I manage when restarted, but you must hunt them down now.

    Click to connect to a device and you're taken to a screen with such high resolution you cannot see anything.

    How do you move a device to another group?

    What does Bookmarked mean???? my own device is bookmarked and the support links offer nothing useful.

    How do I delete a group... there are absolutely no menu options other then to add a comment!!

    The edit option on a device allows only a comment to be added.

    Nothing about "New' is working the way it should. Rather like TeamViewer went Windows 8 and messed us all up.

    The New interface when it does work is not particularly attractive either.

    Go back to the old interface and..... yeah that is now a mess too.

    Now do you see? the catalogue is long.

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    Changing an interface is one thing. Fundamentally changing the way a software works without a LOOOOOONG period of adjustment for end-users is just stupid.

    The simple fact is this: I've personally talked through and gave the usual speech with go to, download, install, send me the user/pass to so many people that now most of the people I support already know what to do. Guess what, someone needs to now help them through a completely different and less intuitive way of doing things. If I'm going to go through this trouble I might as well just change the software, it's not as if there are no alternatives. This was the simplest to use not by the person giving support, but by the supported person. Not the case anymore.

    Plus, as it's been stated before, the sessions concept just doesn't fill all the functionality gaps - the supported user MUST be present at the other end and have a way of receiving the session data. For example, I support remotely the introduction of new machines in a network, usually for people that are yet to enter through the office doors, but need to have ready to work workstations.. Last month I had to do 25. I prepare the user's credentials, and I have one guy at the other end that will just start the new machine, sign in windows, start tmw, send me a picture with id and password and **bleep** off, cause this is not his job. You've now added a lot of steps to achieve what was simple to do - we now have to find a way for him to receive the session - remember, this is not his machine, he should not be connecting to his own email, etc., but the new user has no email configured yet, this is why I'm connecting to it.

    Until this is recalled or addressed properly, I'll go the extra mile and connect my users on an older tmw version, that offers the known steps. Once this can't be done anymore, I'll talk them through the migration process. Migration to another solution that is, cause guess what? I'm not paid to educate users on whatever TeamViewer decides to change just because, I'm the one that pays the bill. This update means I'll more likely pay other software.

    Wake up and realize you're not a regular software company that just needs to educate their paying customers. You rely on those people to talk and educate the regular users into how it all works. Changing things so drastically just makes all that work and good will you had in the market go the way of the dodo. When a company I pay creates extra work for me it won't get paid any more, simple as that.

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    I am a self employed support person and the previous version was great. At best the new version is poor.

    Biggest issue I have had is that the assign easy access on a first session on a new computer. Just a tick box - that is all we need. Why make a good product less usable.

    I think this is the usual thing of designers being let loose on a product tht they don't actually use in the wild. Spend a few days doing real TV support and you will see why we like the old system. Quick, simple and easy to use.

  • P3_WJ
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    This is by far the worst version of this software.

    If it doesnt get sorted and reverted back to a usable format we will be looking at replacing it with a different product.

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    I agree, The new UI is awful. It doesn't easily allow me to find computers like before as it only shows 13 devices at a time where before it would show 2 or three times that. It is more difficult to find the connect button. Moving to a web style interface for the program is a big mistake in my opinion. Also it doesn't seem to have the same resolution as the old version. Who thought up this rubbish in TeamViewer needs to be fired.

    I will be looking for alternatives

  • UHT_Support
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    All the latest changes to the new TeamViewer are completely useless.

    Not a single issue that I have raised for the last few years have been addressed, and now have more issues to deal with.

    Could not even get access to the my account today after an auto update ran on my system.

    No support was available either to assist with this.

    Lucky I fond an old installer, and got that to work.

    Been thinking to change to an alternate solution recently, and due to problems today, this has just pushed me over the line to make efforts to start looking to change from the TeamViewer product.

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    I have used TeamViewer for years. I have a PhD in computer science. I'm retired now, and I use TV at my own expense to help senior citizens for free. With that said, you can understand the frustration I feel about this new TV interface. Why did TV break what wasn't broken? It's bad enough that my senior citizens cannot figure out what to do, but I can't connect to them to help them connect to TV. It's like chasing one's tail.


    I am sooooooo disappointed in the developers at TV. Did you even do any "in the wild" testing on this "upgrade"? Have you forgotten that the person we're trying to help is stressed out enough about his/her computer problem, so they don't need the "cure" to be worse than the "disease."


    Reset your clock, TV, and give us the old interface back, because THE OLD ONE WORKED. What are you guys smoking over there????

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    And i thought i was the only one in shock with this new UI thing. Why overcomplicating things so much. Why making this unusable. Why hiding basic functions. IT WORKED JUST FINE BEFORE. If the new policy is losing clients, well done, TeamViewer.

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    Moronic. Absolutely moronic.

    To all the developers and management that had a say in the new TeamViewer, try walking a mile in a normal support engineer's shoes.

    Actually get out of your labs and offices and go and sit with a real life, actual computer support engineer who uses your product - and watch the absolute absurdity of them having to use **Third Party Product** or another 3rd party support software company's product in order to teach customers how to use TeamViewer.

    And talking of that - stop with the internet page pop up of how to use TeamViewer - that confuses end users more than it helps. We're talking to our clients and telling them how to use the product and then you go and put popups in front of the actual program we're trying to get end users to use!

    LIterally no one at TeamViewer who makes these type of decisisons has actually ever used their own software in a real world support situation. It's impossible. Because if they had, there's no way they would irritate themselves and lead so many people to leave TeamViewer in droves.

    Whoever made this decision, you're an idiot. Own your stupidity and do the right thing and fix it or resign and let someone else fix it. And to the next person in charge... ask the people who actually use your product; not people who think they know best - actually ask the people who genuinely do know best.

    Rant over. Bye bye TeamViewer, hello **Third Party Product** ...

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    Bad move, TeamViewer, bad move.

  • mattyn
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    I have 4000 endpoints. This new version is so bad i accept the pain to move to an alternative. Thats a lot of pain but I welcome it to be free of Teamviewer. Does anyone from Teamviewer ever respond to all the negative feedback ?

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    Ok, so we can go back to the old UI now... thats good.

    still deploying new systems is cumbersome, have to log in thats fine, then turn off the new UI... ok

    Then setup unattended, reboot and last log off the account...

    It was simpler before...

    I guess no thought was applied to system deployment.

    Perhaps a windows version of a pure host for unattended access would make this simpler?

    Something that we could get from our cloud control panel that installers could run that has full credentials and certs compiled just before download?

  • J_W_K
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    I see that the old user interface will disappear in 7 months, at which point we will be forced to use the new interface. That is about the time my current contract with TeamViewer will be up for renewal. I will NOT be renewing. We have been a TeamViewer customer for over 10 years. Will be going to another product.

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    All comments I found on this disaster are very negative

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    Don’t be surprised if Microsoft start developing their own support software and selling it to Managements companies.

     **Third Party Product** works pretty good, so far.

    I’m no paying my next TV subscription and start getting my users just to **Third Party Product**.

    This is probably the end for TV, at least on my yearly subscription.

    Might be too late when they realized they are loosing too many customers.