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Whiteboard - How to remove all scribbles at once

Dear Community,

How can I remove all scribbles I made on the Partner Desktop with the whiteboard panel? I am using TeamViewer 12 and I only know how to use the eraser. But I want to know how  I can remove all scribbles at once? Is there a button? If not, please create that button, because if I close the panel and reopen the panel, all scribbles return.

Thank you.




  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi  Lambert,

    Thanks for your email.

    There is an option to clear all white board content from the remote computer by using the "Clear" button on the Teamviewer panel where you enable/disable the white board.

    2017-10-03 16_57_12-screenshot.png



     Hope this helps!


  • Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

    I double checked your suggestion and I found out the following:

    Partner PC runs Teamviewer 12, I connect to partner PC, see the screen and I enable Whiteboard, the partner PC Panel has "clear", but my own PC has not. This is inconvenient because when Whiteboard is enabled I cannot push the Clearbutton of the partnerPC. Moreover, why is it not in my own panel?

    Do you confirm?

    (I could not find a way to upload a screenshot in this reply window...)

    Best Wishes,

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi Lambert,

    Thanks for your response.

    I do apologize that I overlooked the fact that you may not always have the ability to use the "clear" button on the partner computer as you pointed out.

    Below is the steps on how to disbale the white board from your controlling computer.

    2017-10-05 09_24_57-.png


     1. You can enable the white board function from your remote toolbar by clicking Communicate then Annotate.

    2. This will pop up the white board panel on your local computer and from there you will see the option to turn on/off the whte board.

    3. If you click on the gear wheel, you will have the option to close the white board which will clear the screen.

    **When you are done using the white board, click the -X- at the top right of the panel on your local computer and you will be prompted to "close the panel".

    I hope this is working better for you.


  • Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you, only I had already figured that out. The thing is if you re-enable the whiteboard everything comes back. Which is really inconvenient, I expected it to close ánd clear the whiteboard, which is not the case, it only closes it... So I have the impression that current version of Teamviewer lacks the feature to clear the whiteboard by the controller, from the controller panel.

    I am asking because very often I need to point something out at client's pc and the whiteboard feature is very useful for that. Now if I want to remove my marks, to make room for new, I have to use the eraser, which is very inconvenient.

    I hope this helps to improve Teamviewer.

  • Hey Lambert.  I don't think the Mod understands the case usage.  And your case usage is very common imo.

    I am in the same boat as you.  Looking desparately for an alternative app.   Have you discovered any? 

    For the last couple of month I have been trying to figure out what Microsoft uses for their remote technically support but to no avail.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi Lambert,

    We are always grateful for new features that will help improve TeamViewer.

    I submitted a feature request to our product management to add the ability to "Clear" the white board from the controller side.

    @addiaaj, I have submitted this request for you as well.

    All the best,


  • I have the same need. Whenever I've been scribbling on a customer's screen and we switch to another app, the old scribbles are out of place and having to wipe them off with the eraser tool takes a lot of time when the screen is full of them. :)

    At LEAST turning the whiteboard off and on again shouild wipe it clean, right? But now it doesn't.

    \\ B

  • I agree with the users and I am having the same issue - please update your feature enhancement with my request to increase the need for this feature enhancement. I used this feature yesterday and there was no "clear" button on my local end. To summarize:
    - no "clear" function.
    - Using updated Team Viewer.
    - enabling and disabling only toggles the use of whtieboard, when re-enabled all "scribbles" come back.
  • Hello Jonathan
    It is now more than a year since this post was written. Even in the current version, the "Clear Button" is still missing!
    When can we expect this function?
  • Charles4
    Charles4 Posts: 1

    Dear All,

    I agree with the other users: an option to clear the artboard seems like a basic and must-have option, it is very strange that it is not yet implemented. I'm even wondering if people are really using the artboard because of this.

    Hopefully it will be implemented soon...

  • iethis
    iethis Posts: 1

    So it is now July 2019... still the same. These companies that stuff new features in and never fix the basics drive me crazy.

    So, really, I have to ask the remote user to click the clear button as I can't. Really handy when you are working with the visually impaired. Also very embarassing.

    Common, sort it out

  • I agree with all of the previous posters.  I do not use the whiteboard simply because this facility is not available. I cannot believe we need to keep asking for this.  It must be literally minutes of work to add this as the code is already there.

  • Further to my previous post, what I REALLY would like is a dedicated annotate "on/off button" in the Teamviewer toolbar. When I click on this button in the toolbar it switches straight to annotate/draw_with_pen/medium_sized_pen/bright_red_in_colour.

    When I click on the same button again in the toolbar it clears the whiteboard and leaves annotate mode.

    That would be SUPER productive for me and satisfy virtually every need I have. 

    If we want to get fancy, we could setup the pen style, colour, size etc that is associated with this button in my Teamviewer profile (so it follows me to every machine).

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