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How to switch between desktops on mac os

I am using teamviewer on mac and connecting to another mac, and a don't anderstand how to switch between desktops on remote mac. When I try to do this it always happens on my mac, not on remote. Maybe someone knows the answer. Thank you!



  • Please TV support, this is necessary, inform us.please.


  • In Spotlight, do a search for: mission control

    that opens the Desktop app


  • you can also, drag the mission control app, from the application folder, to the dock, for easy access

  • Yep! Click on the Spotlight magnifying glass, and begin to type "Mission." Hit return to take the Mission Control suggestion, and there you are. I always have trouble remembering this because when I'm actually at my Mac, I trigger Spaces from the keyboard. And I think "Spaces" instead of "Mission Control."

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