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Why am I forced to update to version 12


We have bought a Business Licesnse for Teamviewer 11 but as soon as I try to remote connect to a person running Teamviewer 12 it tells me I need to upgrade in order to connect. Which means I loose my Licesnse and get back on a Free version!

How can TV11 and TV12 not work with each other? That does not make any sense!

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  • Namhost,

    I understand you point. But let Teamviewer develop new features paying for v12.

    One posible solution for you is asking your party install v11 in their device.


  • I upgrade every year, when they release a new version.  I understand the frustration - but if they made it forward compatible (i.e., use TV11 to connect to a TV12 machine) they would lose a lot of revenue - and I guess that's just not their business model.  So I **bleep** it up and pay. It's still the best remote control app out there, and I've profited from it immensely over the years.

  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    @Namhost wrote:


    Then why did we pay for a licensed product?  - are we not supposed to be able to connect to any version of the application? is that not supposed to be one of the reason you buy a license in the first place? Most clients that are not computer literate will obvously just go directly to the site and download v12 because they will have no idea where to get an older version - this causes another fuss by sending them third party links to get an older version. Why the hassle?. We are already restricted from new v12 features which I am fine with, now I must loose my license and start with a free version again! 

    That's just absurd!


    Do you buy a license for TV 11 ? or subscription for using TV technology ? 
    Why you just do not download TV 12 and start using them ?

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    @Namhost wrote:


    We have bought a Business Licesnse for Teamviewer 11 but as soon as I try to remote connect to a person running Teamviewer 12 it tells me I need to upgrade in order to connect. Which means I loose my Licesnse and get back on a Free version!

    How can TV11 and TV12 not work with each other? That does not make any sense!

    As far as I know TV12 can connect to all older version - also to TV11.
    Each older version can not connect to NewerVersion (for example TV 9 can't connect to TV10 ) , and it is quite rational.


    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • dwyere
    dwyere Posts: 16

    Teamviewer older version has never been able to connect to TeamViewer newer version (such as 10 to 11 or 11 to 12). This has been true as long as I have used the product (going on 6 years). TeamViewer newer version has always been able to connect to TeamViewer older version.

    If you are having people download the QuickSupport option from the website, you will need to have them first go to "older versions" on the download page. The QuickSupport link on the downloads page will always be for TeamViewer's latest version.

    I am not associated with TeamViewer in any way, and all comments are strictly my personal views and opinions.
  • I've been using TeamViewer since at least version 3, and agree it's never changed in this regard.  It's a royal pain to try to tell someone to go to the "older versions" link, when some of them can't figure out how to download and install it without major hand holding.  So I pay about $250 or so each year to update it - sure beats jumping in the car, like the old days.

  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    so very angry right now 

    I'm angry every time when I pay a substantial amount (not only for TeamViewer) ...... mostly, I'm angry at myself ..... and it is because I do not earn enough so to have a Porche in a garage and many other things.

    But seriously, I just think that my customers do not pay me enough, but this is changing. But the changes are painful.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • My simple workaround for supporting users who could potentially use a newer version than I was, is to direct them to a website with a quicksupport link to download the client. I was in the same boat as you having to direct the client/customer through the caverns of teamviewer to the right version/OS. Instead got a cheap godaddy domain, cheap hosting and uploaded the quicksupport exe right on the main index page. The other option is to just email them the quicksupport download link for the same version as you. 

    Uninstalling your paid 10 or 11 client and installing 12 everytime is crazy.

  • Joust
    Joust Posts: 4
    Nope. I am not going to perpetuate this money grab.  Ill count teamviewer as a lost cause.  
    There are other solutions that work fine so ill go to them.
    Furthermore.  I will tell all about my experience with teamviewer and warn them off too. 
    I can see being forced to upgrade to newer versions to get new features. But to criple your paying customers is not acceptable. 
    Good luck teamviewer.  
    You lost me as a customer.  Payed licence be **bleep**
  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    @Joust wrote:
    I can see being forced to upgrade to newer versions to get new features. But to criple your paying customers is not acceptable. 

    I still do not unerstand your problem.
    As yous stated, If you have buyed TV11 license .... subscription as I suppose .... so the only one thing you must to do in order to solve your problem is just install TV12, as you should be able to use them with your current license, but to be sure somebody of TeamViewer Staff should clarify this to you via PM or email,  As I am only a normal user, and I can be wrong.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP

  • @Rcwcrw wrote:

    Also, you have to use this hidden link to access versions prior to v10.

  • Completly disapoinned with this! 

    We have been used 'free' TeamViewer for a long time as a personal use... But some months ago we decide to pay a Licence becouse we become professional... Big mistake... Now can not use this software as was suposed... What about the warranty of a product¿? Do you care¿? 

    Never more pay... And I will use other softwares, and for sure my coustomers also... 

    This kind of ideas will be 'expensive' at last... For sure!

    Bad.. Very bad...

  • ab1
    ab1 Posts: 1

    Annual license is more expensive than other products.  Use this for small customer support not for regular customers.  Use the vpn software that comes with products.  

    SO don't say cough it up. 

  • Respectfully, you cannot be more wrong.
    You are justifying a forced update. That's not fair, almos illegal (or is it?).
    We all paid users from version 1 to 11 made possible for them to develop new features, but that's not the way they should act. It's at least immoral.
    It should have compatibility at least with the last 2 versions or more.
    I'v been using it just for a few months and now it's useless.

  • It's completely irrational.
    Older should not use the newer features, but al least should connect.
    It's not rational, it's immoral and unfair. Just a greedy business model and a dirty trick.

  • troy
    troy Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I will not upgrade again unless they change their pricing model.  It is only through bad press and discussion boards like this that a company changes greedy practices and so i say keep both up untill they do.   I have had countless calls to them and they do not care.   They have enough big corporate contracts that they could care less about the little guys.   They forgot that they were once a small company themselves....

  • Just we need to wait Google and the new Remote Control Screen...

    In a few time TeamViewer for sale...
  • DFWKen
    DFWKen Posts: 11

    I totally agree.  My TeamViewer 11 should have worked for at least ONE YEAR before they force me to update and pay again.  In my case, 3 months and I run into problems and get dunned for updating to TeamViewer 12.  

    They should at least pro-rate the update for those of us that are in the first year, don't you think?  

    I have a software company and am faced with exactly the same type of issues.  So I make it as easy as possible for my clients to keep current.  But TV has me feeling like I've been **bleep** out of 9 months of license.  

  • The TeamViewer BUY NOW page says:

    The Right License for You
    No monthly fees!
    Pay just once and you own the license.


    The above is a quote directly from your website. I was a LMI customer for many years and in June 2016 we just had enough of being "slapped around" by LMI every year, with crazy price increases and imposed limitation and etc, hence our choice to switch to TeamViewer - based on your tag line advertised on your website above! 

    I fully understand the need to grow your product and develop new releases. However, should a newly - existing paid for customer bear the cost by paying more or should you be recovering the costs by attracting new customers with all the great new features of v.12? How can you advertise "No Monthly Fess - Pay Just Once..." when this is not truly the case.

    I thought we would be just fine if we ignore this update and continue using v.11, but now comes the kicker, we are facing issues where remote clients are downloading the new version or updating their versions and we can no longer access the machines without having to go through a whole song and dance of uninstalls and re-installs.

    So I got a quote today, as you have me on the ropes now. A deja vu - LogMeIn re-occurring nightmare continues... I've tried my best to block the punches over the past few months, but today TeamViewer delivers the final **bleep** to the chin ~ $530 to upgrade!  Congratulations TeamViewer on knocking out another valued customer!!

  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    @DavidW wrote:
    - Monthly subscription model should be available. I don't mind paying a little more, if I can just pay monthly.


    Personally I would like to have ability to use Quarterly payments. It would be an indirect solution, satisfying both sides.
    Developer and buyer.

    But of course, as I'm very small (3 people) company, the monthly payment would be the least burdensome for my company's modest budget.


    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
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