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Not ready. Please check your connection in Ubuntu


for 2 years now i use Teamviewer to help my mom who lives at 2500 kms far from me with her laptop.

Till i used version 10 and next 11, i had no issue and everything worked well. SInce i updated to v12 under Kubuntu 16.10 there is an issue and i'm not able to use TV anymore.

Now when i run TV i get a "Not ready. Please check your connection" message while i trying to log in.


What's wrong with that ?



  • Taki
    Taki Posts: 5

    Very interesting is that the same problem exists for the RPM version and even more interesting is that the stand alone version works without problems after I de-installed the RPM. Go figure why but at least I could help my aunt without having to do an hours trip to her :smileyvery-happy:

  • Alain
    Alain Posts: 3

    I fully remove TV using synaptic and do a clean installation of TV v12.

    First of all: after typing login and password, i can not connect and a circle (loading in progress) is ALWAYS displayed and nothing changes.

    I see v 12.1.4660 as version while i installed v 12.0.71510. Weird !


    This is when i click on "Teamviewer" launcher in menu.

    I have a "Teamviewer 11" launcher...which is weird as i remove everything regarding this v11 before installing v12

    Both launcher point to the same file.... so i removed the TV 11 launcher manually 


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