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Where can i report commercial users using free version???


i am sad about the fact that some commercial users / companies does not buy a license.
I want to buy new / more licenses but won't do this till i see teamviewer doing something to stop the usage of free license in commercial use.

Why should i buy a license for 1000 $ when i see around me more and more users / companies not buying a license?

Teamviewer needs to do something to stop this......


  • DomLan
    DomLan Posts: 490 Star

    Hi @KarlLucent,

    Obviously this is not and can not be an answer to your legitimate request. Why pay?

    There are several reasons: TeamViewer has grown a lot since 2005 when it was born; on this subject (The TeamViewer Story – Revealing the 'Hidden Champion') you will find this beautiful post by Anna-Lena that tells how the company has gone from a hidden gem of a small village in Germany to the reality that has become today. Evidently a totally free product would not have allowed, or at least not to this extent.

    Having a licensed product will certainly give you some benefits: first aid. As the official page for submitting support requests, these can be mainly powered by licensed users.

    Submit a Ticket

    With more than 200,000,000 users worldwide, we are only able to offer support via Tickets to license owners. Thank you for your understanding.

    Having a license then, if you use it professionally, protects you from any legal disputes; I remind you that TeamViewer is a product that you can work remotely on any device. Without an economic return hardly TeamViewer could ensure the development of the most advanced security standard.

    The free use of the tool, for personal use, has always existed; this type of benefit obviously contributed to its spread. I think it is legitimate, once established that it respects my requirements to carry out my remote assistance business, pay for the benefits described above.

    I do not know if this can help you decide, but I hope at least that you will want to continue to use it as a tool to deliver your assistance activities: in this way you will at least contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions :-)

    I forgot ... TeamViewer constantly monitors the type of use for unlicensed installations; When exceeding certain parameters are automatically marked as coming from commercial uses, then blocked or limited in use.

    Hope this help.


    from DomLan (administrator for Corporate License 120 channels... and TeamViewer enthusiastic... like you I hope)

    Domenico Langone
    MCSD: App Builder
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  • steven
    steven Posts: 2

    Hi DomLan

    You didn't answer the question that Karl has asked in the subject line: "Where to report commercial users who are using the free version?"

    That's why I came to the forum today, to ask exactly that question.


  • DomLan
    DomLan Posts: 490 Star

    Hi @steven,

    Yes I know.
    In the first line of my answer I wrote: "Obviously this is not and can not be an answer ..."
    I have tried to give some reasons for the usefulness of owning a licensed product; Usually these are the common reasons for purchasing all software products.
    But I think these are things you already know.

    If the goal is precisely to report any fraudulent use, I do not think TeamViewer has a special form for this. You may optionally open a ticket as a license holder to report the account you know.
    At worst, this could help re-evaluate the type of controls that TeamViewer already works to discriminate against unauthorized use.

    Again, I understand the legitimacy of your request: if everyone paid for this product, the license would probably cost less for everyone.

    However, I do not believe that this community is the most appropriate place for this type of request: the TeamViewer institutional site has a fully dedicated section for commercial and technical contacts. But this is just my opinion.

    Hope this help


    Domenico Langone
    MCSD: App Builder
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  • steven
    steven Posts: 2

    Thank you @DomLan for the thoughtful answer.


  • DomLan
    DomLan Posts: 490 Star

    Thanks to you for your understanding, @steven

    And welcome both to TeamViewer Community


    Domenico Langone
    MCSD: App Builder
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  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 245 Former Staff

    Hi KarlLucent and steven,

    Thanks for your post's!

    @DomLan thanks for your help so far.

    We can understand your concern about the fact that companies could use TeamViewer without having a license. At the moment there is no reporting tool, where you could name the un-licensed use of our software in a commercial environment. Please feel free to report such a usage by sending us a ticket via our support page:

    In general, a license is required for every commercial user. Therefore, companies that violate our terms & conditions knowingly, will face legal consequences. TeamViewer is able to detect when its software is used within a commercial network.

     However, it is not just that they violate our terms, but also have to face certain restrictions while using our software. For example, they get a pop-up which is asking them constantly to purchase a license, the connection partners are getting a message that the connection was not licensed and we reserve the right to take even more restrictions. In addition, they cannot make use of all the features that are included in our paid versions, as f.ex. the customized modules, free phone support, setting up a company profile, user administration, MSI etc.

     Every user who pays for a license, actively supports us in developing our software further. Due to all the paying users, we are able to implement more and more features that are requested by our user base. So we would like to thank you and all of our other paying users for contributing to making our software better each day.

    We hope this provides clarification for these type of cases and we thank you for being a valued TeamViewer customer.

    All the best,


  • Good morning Sir,
    please can you clarify what legal consequences, even in European Union?
    Despite of prices of paid accounts, if finally companies and business they are doing the same job with free accounts and there is no effective way to stop their fraud, even you said you can easily detect, what is really making the difference with right users? only time restriction? a banner? It seems to me a weak difference, and moreover it encourages intense fraudulent use.


  • Hello,

    I just come back to post here that I will switch my remote control software.
    Like i said i see many competitors with UNBRANDED QS-Modules. I dont think they have a license at all...

    I tried to open a support ticket regarding this but got no answer.
    And btw it is NOT easily for you to detect. I tried for SEVERAL months to work from home with an unregistered license (i have a license tho, just dont registered it to test) and could work even for hours at the customer site.

    To be honest this is not OK. Support was not answering me.
    I wont pay for a software thats freely usable. You should consider changing the model to paid only if you cant handle the illegal usage.
    In addition to this you come up with a joke of ~1000$ yearly costs per license. This is how the licensed users pay for the free users.

    Good job. You lost a customer.

  • If I have a company using a personal version for commercial use to log into my companies computer for maintance am I breaking the law in allowing them to do so?

  • scp36
    scp36 Posts: 2

    Why don't you worry about yourself, rather than what others are doing?  If you think you should be paying for the software, then great, you're paying for it.  Do you litter just because you see other people litter?  Do you jump off a bridge just because you see someone else jump?  No, you do what you think is right.  I have asked that Teamviewer offer a cheaper license for personal use, because I find the software so useful that I'd like to pay for it, but the commercial version is just a little too expensive for my personal use.

  • I have a commercial licence for when I use it to log into my clients systems.

    My concern is that by allowing a company to use it commercially logging into our computer system for their work are we also breaking tha law.

  • There does not seem to be an option on the support page to report illegal use. I know of at least 3 major company names/brands using it illegal even though I pointed out to them that this is against EULA.

    Cracked keys or using free version. Seen both option.
    If you guys simply added a "Report illegal use" form that would help you guys yourself and people like us willing to report these with proof where needed making teamviewers legal team their job easier and reporters don't need to spend 30+ minutes trying to figure out how to report it.

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