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VPN - has anyone tested it?

Recently I used the VPN capability built within TeamViewer.  The reason that I am interested is that I have two residences, one in Canada the other in the USA and I am doing automated backups over the net using a product that does not employ secure FTP.  The developer of that product wants a $60 "upgrade" fee to use secure FTP and I wasn't prepared to  that.  Teamviewer VPN is another option , but it seems there is unavoidable manual work involved in obtaining the target VPN IP and then manually having to enter that into my backup program every time.  Is there an easier way to do this or is the manual inputting of the VPN IP impossible to avoid?  

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  • Aaron that is a good suggestion I will give that a try.

    Many thanks,



  • Hi,

    Every time I try to connect via VPN I get connection timed out when I ping test. Any ideas why?

    The firewall has been disabled but I still get same thing.



  • Donald
    Donald Posts: 1

    Hello Aaron:

    I am a free user of Teamviewer and have been using it for years.  First of all thanks for your product, it has made life easier for me in maintaining my various family member's computers that are many states away.  I have a question about VPN.  Why is that only an option for PC users?  Is there a technical reason why the Mac OS X software version does not offer that capability?



  • mdw
    mdw Posts: 2

    Does TeamViewer's VPN offer some sort of compression to accelerate data transfer on slow links? I intend something like the "ssh -C" option.

  • Hi Aaron,

    I'm trying to set up the vpn server using my laptop, I did this steps extras>options>advance>show advance doptions

    Then hit the configure button name my server and put the password. Install the drivers (VPN and Monitor Driver) then click ok.  Then its says on the bottom left "Not ready. Please check yoru connection".

    I'm using a free version. 

    Many thanks.

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