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I have an HTC running custom AOSP 4.3.1. When I access it from PC, it always prompts me to install QS Add On for HTC. Then after trying to install, it just says "App not installed" and that's it.

Am I missing anything?


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi DanG,

    Thanks for your post!

    As a Cyanogen lover myself, I definitely feel your pain.

    However unfortunately, TeamViewer is only compatible with official builds of android from the individual manufacturers. This is because the amount of control that TeamViewer requires for this means that we need to have verified information from the manufacturer.

    Because TeamViewer has detected that it is a compatible device from the model number, it will prompt you to install the QS add-on, however as I mentioned unfortunately this will not work with ASOP or other custom ROM's.

    This is currently a suggested feature, however at this timewe are unable to support this. I apologise for the hassle.


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  • sewalk
    sewalk Posts: 1

    So the information provided in the open source repositories for each device running Cyanogenmod is not good enough? Particularly when much of that information comes from the device manufacturers themselves (at least with regard to Samsung Galaxy S and Note devices, the only ones I'm familiar with)? Your explanation defies belief.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi sewalk,

    Please understand that the post was a basic explanation of why TeamViewer is restricted in the devices we can connect to. 

    The co-operation with manufacturers is not simply system information to make the connection possible, but also permissions that are required as this is not a simple app. We are talking about an app that if produced incorrectly, could expose a device to potential exploitation.

    Because our users safety and security is at the centre of everything we do, the potential risk posed by custom builds is currently too high to accept. So even without the information I mentioned, potential security concerns that are always present in rooted devices such as Cyanogen and the potential for misuse causes issues.

    Further to this, TeamViewer is developed as a business product and although we do offer the software free for personal use, development will always be aimed at providing priority to our paid users. Cyanogen and AOSP are both rarely used in business environments as well reducing the demand for this functionality and making it very difficult to justify the development in any case.

    There are a select few AOSP devices we do support in collaboration with manufacturers, but these are again, stock builds.

    The list of manufacturers supported (with stock OS) can be found here:

    I apologise for any inconveinince.


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  • Hi! can I say something? Did you checked your download folder? Because maybe the file got downloaded, you just need to install it manually. I'm talking by experience of someone else... 

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