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Please help! I cannot find a way to become whitelisted on partner's computer

I am pretty good with computers, but this I cannot fix on my own.  I have  been using  teamviewer for a few years.  I connect with my elderly sister to keep her computer running up to par.  For some reason I have become blacklisted by my sister's teamviewer.  We have both updated to Teamviewer 13,  but I just cannot see a way to adjust her settings so that I can be whitelisted.  (of course, trying to get her to "push the right buttons" by telephone is too much for her 80 years.

 Please help me to help her.   We both operate a Windows 7 system, and both computers have had installed updates etc.  If you can give me clear steps to take to become connected, I will really appreciate it.  ChristieR39


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,972 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi @ChristieR39

    Thanks for your post.

    The black and whitelist can be found and configued in the TeamViewer options of the TeamViewer Fullversion or Host module. Click on Extras --> Options --> Security --> Under Rules for connections to this computer --> Black and whitelist --> Click Configure --> Here you can add/remove partner to/from the blacklist or generate a whitelist. 


    I recommend this Knowledge Base article for additional information about how to resctrict access to your device: How can I restrict access for TeamViewer connections to my computer?

    I hope that information helps you.

    All the best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • Thank  you for your reply.  As I mentioned, I am not unfamiliar with the computer/programs, and I have already tried our suggestion.   I've gone step-by-step with  my sister to configure our computers together.  Teamviewer shows that I am supposedly "whitelisted" on my sister's computer, yet, we cannot connect.  It's driving me crazy.   Got a second thought about it?