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Trusted device email never comes?

No matter what computer or browser I use I get the message that says: We could not verify if your account has been used on this browser before. To sign in on this browser you need to add it to your trusted devices. Please check your inbox for the mail we sent you and follow the provided link.

The email never comes and is not in the Junk Folder. I had to create this new account just so I could ask for support. I am also unable to log into new computers that I add team viewer too. Get kinda the same message even though I've been using it for years. 


  • I've been having the same issue with my mother-in-law's login. I can't register my browser with Teamviewer when she never gets an email. It is a address (ATT) and I've seen other ATT users have the same problem. The email is NOT ending up in the spam folder. It just never arrives. I'm trying to change her registered email address to another and it's darn hard when you can't get email.

  • menstrom
    menstrom Posts: 1

    I am having the same problem.  This must be a bug with the new version of TeamViewer because I have added five devices to my account in the past and NEVER had this problem before.  I'm so fed up right now that I'm about ready to look for a new web connection software product.

  • RussH
    RussH Posts: 1

    Same issue here too. This completely makes this product unuseable. Can we at least get a response to let us know you/TeamViewer support, are looking into this issue??

    @menstrom wrote:

    I am having the same problem.  This must be a bug with the new version of TeamViewer because I have added five devices to my account in the past and NEVER had this problem before.  I'm so fed up right now that I'm about ready to look for a new web connection software product.


  • holmesrs
    holmesrs Posts: 1

    Well I installed an older version but I got the same result. It seems to only be .att emails that aren't received. I was able to get an email when I used an .outlook email address.

  • Okay guys I found the issue and how to resolve it. It looks like you have to activate "Two factor authentication". You will have to be at a computer that is already logged into the TeamViewer software. 
    1.) From the software click on "Connection" Then click on "Open Management Console".
    2.) From the Management Console click on your name on the top right of the screen and choose "Edit Profile".
    3.) Now click on "Two factor authentication".  
    4.) You will need a smartphone app to generate the security token and to use when adding computers or for logging on to TeamViewers website.  I use Duo Mobile. The only drawback to the Two Factor Authentication is that you have to use your mobile phone when logging in.

    I sure hopes this helps! I am not sure why Teamviewer hasn't responded with this solution. I was beating my head against the wall until I figured this out.

  • I'm in the same boat for some reason.. Just stopped working.. Have you tried to turn of the Two factor authentication and go back to regular login? Did that work after? None of my PC's can login either.. But, I can login from the app on the PC's themselves,, but, you have to have the email to add the device to the trusted list as far as I can see.. Don't see any other way, and I don't have an ATT email.. I just have a regular domain.. In fact. It is my
    I tested the email.. I get emails no problem at all. Spam and all..
    I don't need more security and I sure as heck don't want to have to use my phone to log into a PC app. I don't love my phone.. Just use it.

  • Rick1
    Rick1 Posts: 3

    Havig the same issue. No solutions stated above work. Can someone please advise of a real solution to this issue? 

  • This is getting old and complete and utter nonsense. Ive been using Teamviewer forever and in the same boat with a yahoo email address. I was able to turn on 2 factor verfication and it was working. I tuened it off as a test and now im **bleep**. YOu cant setup the verificaiton from the software but only from the web interface and im locked out. What do I do now? Why hasnt teamviewer addressed this issue? 

  • Rick1
    Rick1 Posts: 3
    A workaround I found to work was to create a new TeamViewer account for the remote unattended access on the remote system (using a different email account for the TeamViewer account). I then received the trusted device emails directed to the different email account. It appears the TeamViewer process to send trusted emails is somehow filtering certain email accounts. Yet, there is no indication as to the success of the email actually being sent. The only indication I received is that an email was sent. Not sure why the "send email verification" process couldn't interrogate the SMTP server they use to send that email and verify that the email was sent before stating that it was sent.
  • I've the same issue - and can't even turn on two factor authentication, because it kicks me to the browser and then refuses to let me log in on the browser either. I'd to set up a new account to even post this. I'm reluctant to go around every PC I've teamviewer on (most of my family) to install an alternative, but wondering if it's going to be necessary given the number of similar posts.

  • I have a free teamviewer account with an aol address. I do have a number of computers with this address and I think because I have so many computers on this account that they flagged my address. I then opened up a ew account with gmail and have no problem receiving email verification  on this address.  So I do think if you have too many pc's on a free account that they ban you from adding anymore.There is no way of getting help with a free account. 

  • Had the same problem and everything work fine following your description (using Duo Mobile). It a pain in the neck to generate a code every time but it worked, thanks !
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