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Send key combinations not available in TeamViewer v13.0.6634 deb package 64 bit


I upgraded to TeamViewer v13.0.6634 deb package 64 bit on the local and remote computers. Now I am not able to send key combinations anymore, and this option is not available on the Menu options.

Is there any way to fix it?

Best regards,


  • Frost_
    Frost_ Posts: 1

    Still not available on teamviewer_13.1.8286_amd64 :(

  • +1

    I'm badly in need of this feature, as well.

    It would be wonderful to have parity between Linux and the Mac/PC versions, especially since this is a cross-platform computing tool for so many people.

  • Everything works for me except Alt+Tab.  I even upgraded to v14

  • alichter
    alichter Posts: 1

    Still an issue :(

  • Working with version 15.3.2682 for Ubuntu, still don't have the "send key combinations" option.

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