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Host for Samsung goes offline

I am traveling internationally for work, and left my personal Samsung S7 Edge at home and brought only my work phone. I have several applications with 2FA set up through my personal phone which I still need access to as I travel, so I set up Host for Samsung on my phone and tested it before I left. 

On arriving, I've discovered that I can't see my phone online. I had my wife launch the Host for Samsung app and it shows online again. I finish what I'm doing and log out. I go back about an hour later, and the phone is offline again. Seems like every time the phone goes to sleep mode the Host for Samsung app goes offline and has to be re-launched.

I think this should be considered a bug at this point. It completely defeats the purpose of setting up unattended access. I've seen several posts about this with zero answers. Has TeamViewer simply abandoned this app?


  • Same here. Teamviewer? Any response? Pointless if unattended access doesn't work.

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