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Wake On LAN wake up button missing


i have reinstalled my system and now the wake on lan function doesnt work for one pc. Everything is set correctly (i used wake on lan/wan over years) but the wake up button is missing.

Any ideas ?

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  • pzzoz
    pzzoz Posts: 26

    Hello. Firstly make sure that your NIC has such feature turned on in Device manager in your operating system (I suppose you have already checked the BIOS settings about that). Please answer what you got to know.

  • Skulli
    Skulli Posts: 2

    Wake on LAN is allowed in my network adapter. i have testet it with another program and it works.

    i have made no changes in the bios because this pc was set correctly for wake on lan. i got the same problem on my office pc (which was reinstalled too) and the solution there was to  set the teamviewer id to the list "ID within your local network", save it. Next change to Public Address... now the "Wake Up" button appears and works on public address


    but this method doesnt work on the other pc

  • alamden
    alamden Posts: 10

    I started having the same problem on my imac.  Using TeamViewer 12.  Tested WOL with another ap and it works so it is not the computer setup.

    Please help! 

  • TeamAJM
    TeamAJM Posts: 7 ✭✭

    Exactly the same with me: I can wake the PC with Fusion WOL, but not via TeamViewer, so I am confident things are OK at the remote end.

    I could use Fusion WOL - but that involves typing the IP and MAC for each PC/


  • I did 5.2. It works with wolcmd within the lan. But I do not get de wake on lan button.

    Even not when I put in my public IP address and port. 

    What is wrong??

  • I no longer see the WoL button and I have made no changes at all other than upgrade Teamviewer to V13

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