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You are not allowed to control the remote computer at the moment

Hello :) .I have set a connection between 2 windows machines.Already this worked for many connections good.But suddenly yesterday i received this message after i connected "you are not allowed to control the remote computer at the moment".
At first teamviewer asked me for password and seems connection done (i see the login windows page of the other machine). But then, when i send command ctrl+alt+del to give access , i receive this error message.
The strange is, that also, "remote desktop" suddenly stoped to work on server (can not find the machine on network but the machine working since the websites hosted on it, works fine).So for this case, i have set "teamviewer" solution so if "remote desktop" failure, i still can have access to server through teamviewer.
But i see now teamviewer also even is connected, not give me permission to login (!!).
Other solution is to restart server.But i dont want to try this solution yet, because if i restart and Teamviewer not accept even connection to dashboard, then also the hosted websites will not work, because after restart, i need to login and start database with password.
So first i need to ask you, if there is any solution to this error , without restart the server.Thank you.

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  • nick4
    nick4 Posts: 1

    how do you do that

  • Panos
    Panos Posts: 3

    It was one year before and i dont remember very well.
    There are 2 options ."Full control" and "custom".So try full control option and see if work.If not work, also as i remember was another problem with identifier number (ID number).
    There are 2 numbers and by default it not appears the number for unattended access but the other one so is not working.
    When i used the correct number (on my PC or on remote PC) then i didnt have any error messages anymore.