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Microphone Muted problem

meridius Posts: 2 ✭✭

I have the latest version of TeamViewer (13) on two computers for testing purposes.

In each computer when I speak into the microphone, the voice input signal fluctuates green so it can hear both voices.

In today's test, Computer A could not hear Computer B but Computer B could hear Computer A.

In Computer A I started a live session with Computer B but in Computer B it says 'Microphone Muted' whatever I do.

Please help with any advice.




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  • Team Viewer Mic Icon shown always muted  , no resolveT.pngt2.pngt3.png

    @meridius wrote:

    I resolved this problem myself. Clicking exactly on the small 'Microphone Muted' button in Computer B allowed the change to 'Microphone' so that Computer A could hear Computer B.

    I don't know why it is set up like this as default. Surely it would be better the other way around or at least made clearer so that a user does not erroneously think that there is some sort of audio problem.

     My Windows 10 Pro, Team Viewer Audio Mic always shown as muted with no such result as described here and I have gone thorugh all related audio querries in the community, but as one can see the screen shots showing that selecting the suggested options in Audio control settings has not resolved anything, why?


  • chuck4dd
    chuck4dd Posts: 2

    What if your have a friend that is not computer saavy and you need to resolve an issue with them?

    Having the ability to unmute a computer that your remote control for them would it easier. To have locate them unmute the microphone is getting difficult. (Getting harder for them to comprehend Alzheimer/dementia). 

  • It is a pain that the mic is muted on the remote computer when the connectio is made.

    Is there anyway round this so both ends have the mics active when the connection first starts.

  • chuck4dd
    chuck4dd Posts: 2
    It seems that others have similar issues as I have. No solutions offered, except have the other user to uncheck muted on their end. Since recent versions carry a grey band that limit the remote interrogation of unmuting the session with them. Some of my friends are limited in capabilities (onset of Alzheimer).
  • No much help to me either, I am trying to set up a remote operation for a disabled person with limited capabilities , from my end his microphone is greyed out and it will not ungrey from my end, which means he cant hear what I am trying to tell him.
    He doesn't understand that I need him to unmute his microphone, it is a problem which I guess will be addressed by the fantastic Teamviewer Team "PLEASE"
  • Engela
    Engela Posts: 1

    I totally agree: the setup should be that the microphone is unmuted to start with.

  • DJ2126
    DJ2126 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hello, just found this thread and I am having the same problem and wondered if there’s been any fixes in the last year?