TeamViewer full version msi assignment

Hello togehter,

it it possible, to create an host module, which automatically assignment to my teamviewer account.

but is this process possible with a "normal" teamviewer full version, too?

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  • Sybreeder
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    Normal? What version do you have ? MSI is only availiavle only in Corporate. 



  • NetDoctor
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    i got the same problem:
    Cant assign automatically teamviewer full-version to my account.

    I downloaded the ZIP-File with the MSI files and used the full version MSI.
    I added the configuration-ID at the end of the filename ("TeamViewer-idcXXXXXXX.msi").
    I tried to install it, but it will be not automatically assigned to my account (nothing in management console). I also tried the Assignmenttool after this, but the full-version MSI instalation will not create an AssignmentData.json.
    The same procedure works with the normal Host MSI.

    So please can you help me?
    This problem is really bad for me an my company... we need to auto assign full version hosts.

    Thanks, Björn

    Thanks, Chris
  • Jeremy
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    Hi @NetDoctor,

    Please go to the Design & Deploy page in the Management Console ( and edit your existing custom module there. Make sure that the setting "Allow account assignment without confirmation" is not checked there.

    This setting should only be checked if you are using the separate Assignment Tool to complete the account assignment. If you check it, and you use the MSI file without using the Assignment Tool afterwards, then the computer won't get assigned to your account.

    However, as you noticed, the Assignment Tool only works with the Host version of the MSI, and not with the Full version of the MSI. Therefore, if you want to use the Full version, you must keep that setting unchecked. The Full version should then install and assign itself to your account automatically, and it should show a confirmation of this at the end of the installation.

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  • NetDoctor
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    thanks for the tip.
    The assignment to our account works now.
    But the option for "easy access" will not be set, like at the normal Host MSI installation with the assignment-tool.
    Is there an option or hint with which we can enable automatically the "easy access" at the teamviwer full version?
    And if there is currently no option, do you plan to implement that in future releases?
    This is very important for us and i think other people and companies would be delighted.

    Cheers, Björn

    Thanks, Chris
  • Jeremy
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    Hi @NetDoctor,

    Yes, the "easy access" feature can only be enabled when using the Assignment Tool, and only with the Host app. With the Full version of TeamViewer, you need to manually enable the easy access setting in the options on each computer.

    However, you can deploy a Personal Password with the Full version of the MSI, which you can then use to connect to the computers. You can export the desired TeamViewer settings into a .reg file (called "TeamViewer_Settings.reg'") - via the Export button, at the bottom of the Advanced page in the Options - after you enter the file name, it brings up a panel where you can enter the Personal Password you wish to be included. The MSI installer will import this .reg file into the Registry when it installs TeamViewer. This password is used for unattended access to the target computer, which gives you effectively the same result has the "easy access" feature.

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  • contalit
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    I've tried this "-idc suffix" approach installing with msiexec's /passive and /qn options, however after first running the TeamViewer Full UI, it always asks for user confirmation, whether to assign. Is there anything I am missing to avoid the dialog and perform the assignment fully automatically ?

    Tried with MSI generated for 12.0.88438 .

  • Nfoster
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    I have been searching fofr this option and have been screaming at thier devs to proviude such a solution. It behoves me that that any of this is considered a solution.


    Read my post here,