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How can I restore linked computers that were lost when disabling 2 factor authentication?

I was changing phones, and rather than risk having my 2 factor authentication not work correctly on the new phone, I figured I would just disable it on my account, switch phones, and then turn it back on again.

What I didn't realize was that by disabling 2 factor authentication, I would lose every linked computer on my account.

This has put me in a bind - as several of them are for computers that I do not have local access to at the moment, so I have no good way to set it up again with a new key.

Is there any way to restore the linked computers - even if it means reinstating the original 2 factor authentication seed?


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  • Monty8
    Monty8 Posts: 8

    Is there no way to fix this issue?

  • Monty8
    Monty8 Posts: 8

    Thank you.  When I initially disabled 2 factor authentication, all of the systems under "My Computers" disappeared.  I thought I had lost the connection to them - since they had been set up to only be accessible from my account.

    After your post, I logged in again, and they were now showing up.  It looks like it was just a visual glitch - but I am very relieved that that's all it was.

    Thank you for your help.

  • AlanW1
    AlanW1 Posts: 165

    That is good to hear that. Could you accept as solution? Thank you very much.

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