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Deployment of Teamviewer...


I am testing the Teamviewer software with a view to subscribing and have a few questions...

What is the best way to deploy Teamviewer in the following scenarios?

Deployment 1 - New Client, one-off technical support on demand
Deployment 2 - New Client, ongoing irregular technical support on demand
Deployment 3 - Existing customer, 24/7 technical support on demand

In regards to quick support. Do clients have to download the quick support file every time they need support or is this a one-off download which can be added to customer list and reused anytime?

In regards to Invite a partner from the connection menu, is this for clients using the Host module only, or is this for quick support too?

Does the client have to email the session code to me before support begins or this an automatic connection through the management console?

Thanks in advance for any advice given...



  • Scotty
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    Hi Stirling,

    That is a perfect set of questions.

    Our reccoemendation for your scenarios are below-

    1- Custom QuickSupport Modules as a once off use.
    2- Custom QuickSupport Module with use of the "SOS" button feature.
    3- A custom Host module.

    If you use the "SOS" button, the QuickSupport module does not need to be downloaded each time. Also, if they have the file saved (not renamed) from a previous download, they can re-open this.

    The "invite partner" is intended for quick connections. But one benefit here is that if you connect to someone with QuickSupport, you can use the in-connection menu to install a custom host remotely so there are no extra steps for the end-user.

    Session codes with a custom QuickSupport module should appear automatically as a service case (Star icon) in the group that was selected when creating the module. If you have more than one account using this, make sure the group is shared between the users.

    I hope I have answered all of your questions!


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