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2018-08-21 Not ready. Please check your connection

No one in my office can connect with Team Viewer today 21/08/2018.

Error: Not ready. Please check your connection



  • I have this problem on multiple clients, internet is available. Sometimes not ready, sometimes, just unable to log in
  • We are having the same issue. When I use **Third Party Product** to check on one of my remote PC's with TeamViewer loaded, my PC that is not connecting is displaying as connected on the remote PC.

    This happened after updating to the latest build via the application - ver 13.2.14327 on Windows 10 1709.

  • Hi, We are all running Team Viewer Version: 12.0.95388.

    We all have internet connection, only Team Viewer that is off line and customer stranded without our remote support.

  • vaciz
    vaciz Posts: 2
    I thought it was only me before I see many of you had the same problem. What's going on here?
  • It is started working for me. :))
  • pik78
    pik78 Posts: 2

    My teamvewer panel (computers and contacts) is like christmas tree - almost everyone change status every now and then and I can connect only to a few (they have latest tv)

  • paglia
    paglia Posts: 4

    Same here. I noticed that my firewall started to mark TV as "threat" and block it - i wonder if they have been hacked or something.
    If i make a specific "allow" rule for TV application thigns get better but not perfect as yesterday.... whta happened?!?!?!

  • vaciz
    vaciz Posts: 2
    I tried to disabled Kaspersky Internet Security and it works. But, who wanted to get hijacked just to get the TeamViewer working.
  • We are all still off line here. More support calls coming in and nothing can be resolved. How do I get a direct response from Team Viewer for an answer or solution?

  • For now we are using A - n - y - D - e - s - k ...easily removed when done. Not having any joy getting proper answers on this matter.
  • Thank you. Looking for alternate soluitions to Team Viewer but prove to be a permanent solution.

  • Mine also not working. The guy sitting right next to me on the same network is having no issues.

    Please sort this as we do support and rely on TeamViewer for everything

  • We're experiencing the exact same situation as Helgard25. A colleague doesn't have any problems while I can't connect with any of my TeamViewer installations.

    I'm trying to connect to both and with both TeamViewer 11, TeamViewer 10 and TeamViewer 6. All three result in the same error.

  • BHauser
    BHauser Posts: 1

    We have the same problem. The message occurs as soon as we open Team Viewer. Even though our internet connection is established and works correctly


  • I also facing this issue, already tested uninstall and install back. Problem still persist and tried off firewall also same...

  • gigi23
    gigi23 Posts: 1

    Hi im from Philippines and i cant connect too. i keep getting the not ready please check your connection even when i have a internet

  • Seedat
    Seedat Posts: 1

    Same here.  In South Africa

  • Also facing the same issue here "Not ready. please check your connection."
    I have tried the following with no luck resolving this issue:

    • Uninstalling TeamViewer
    • Reinstalling TeamViewer
    • Updating TeamViewer
    • Disabling all modules in my BitDefender Total Security
    • Restarting my computer

    If someone has a way to bypass this until they have fixed the problem please let me know.

  • Until resolved, look at another application. Our call center has had to do so in-order to maintain support.
  • After try uninstall and install again. Problem Solved.
  • This works! Thank you for this quick fix.
    What is odd is that my ID now shows 9** **0 [email protected]
  • NoWay
    NoWay Posts: 1

    It's super, I do not. I restarted the TV. And it does not work the same.

  • Same here in Israel

  • Enam
    Enam Posts: 1
    Have the same problem. Solved after adding! Thanks, Tietohippu!
  • adding not working fo me :(

    disabling antivirus/firewol does not help either

  • paglia
    paglia Posts: 4

    DeleriumRu, i think it's quite obvious is not working.
    The server should be easily under heavy load ;).
    I think the best is: wait!

  • the longer waiting, the more work piles up :smileysad:

  • I got same issue Today.