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File transfer speed still slow as ever

We recently purchased the upgrade to TeamViewer version 12 in the hope of seeing an improvement in file transfer speed. Unfortunately it's still slow as ever with only 120 kB/s between clients that are connected to the internet with symmetrical 100 mbit/s. We transfer already compressed files (msi, zip), does this mean that the only optimization in TeamViewer 12 is file compression? That is utterly useless for 90 % of files!

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  • Bright68
    Bright68 Posts: 1

    We have the same problem...

    newest TW clients 1,2 mb speed :-/

    My network 100/100 mbit

    client network 400/680 mbit

    both computers windows 10 with SSD drives


  • kilyan
    kilyan Posts: 2

    i confirm the transfer speed is embarassing...

  • mansol
    mansol Posts: 3

    537mb file via we transfer 7 minutes both sending and receiving

    44 minutes via teamviewer

  • try with VPN and you will see the speed is increasing but no one tels you why.

  • We have recently transferred to Teamviewer from a competitive product and are finding access good but file transfers much slower.  Any tips regarding how to improve the performance of this area of the solution.

  • Although we like teamviewer for most things - file transfer is still unbelievably slow. For any large file moves we have taken to using wetransfer.

  • Seriously you use a protocol with no checking for file transfer and then throttle a protocol with checking.
  • r2
    r2 Posts: 1

    In my case transfer speed via teamviewer is about 1,5Mbps - not too bad. But via ftp it is 90Mbps. So it is probably not an UDP-TCP issue and it is still much faster to make a two step transfer via ftp (waiting for upload on the other computer and download that file on the other) than teamviewer.


  • Hello.

    I confirm that for some time and with the same types of connections, the transfer of files has become very slow. 100mb 15mn (previously 100mb 1mn).
    This is really a big problem.
    The version used on the 2 PCs is: 13.1.1548. PCs are in Windows10 Pro with the latest updates.
    Connections are made with Orange Fiber Pro.
    A few months ago and under the same conditions, I did not have this problem ...

    Best regards.


  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Why is TV so slow to transfer files?  I can see that my current transfer is stuck at 1Mbps.  (Like dial-up!!!)

    Both my computers are Win 7 Pro 64-bit.  One has 100 Mbps internet access and the other has 1Gbps !!!  (And I just rechecked both.)  Both have TV 13.  And this snail-like transfer of one file is occurring over two weekend days now, Saturday and Sunday, when presumably the networks are a bit less hectic.

    This can only mean that TV itself is choking the speed.  The promise that TV13 would transfer files at up to 200 Mbps is FALSE.

  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Julia - That makes no sense. I am badly throttled all this weekend to a cap of about 1Mbps, so it's some kind of deliberate choke by TV, not your 120kbps limit.
    See my post at

  • drandre
    drandre Posts: 2

    File transfer speeds use to be much better than this.  The file transfers appear to be at 72 kbps to 100 kbps.  When I have a symetric 90 mbps connection and the machine I am transfering files is on the same network, it does not make any sense.

    Teamviewer, please fix this issue.  Once I am connected into a machine, the software should be able to hand off and provide machine-to-machine data transfer rates.

    I thought this only had to do with our version 11 but it appears everything up to the current version is experiencing this problem.

  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Julia - I just now got an email from TV with your reply.  Your forum email system is as slow as your file transfers.

    We reject your tech excuse.  Anything slower than 100Mbps is unacceptable, 

    It's been months.  Fix it.

  • Julia
    Julia Posts: 290 Staff member 🤠

    Hi glnz,

    Thank you for your message.

    Please read my explanation about the file transfer speed. When there is no UDP, we cannot provide the speed you want and it will automatically slow down to 120kb/s.

    I created a feature request for you.


    Senior Support Engineer - 2nd level Support
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  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Julia - I know for a fact that I can receive both UDP and TCP at speeds exceeding 100Mbps.  If your file transfers are slow, your technology is just WRONG.

    TV should stop claiming it can transfer files at 200Mbps - that is not happening.

  • I'm also using 13.2 and all the remote computers are using UDP and the speeds are super fast one time then SO SLOW the next time. Sometimes stopping the transfer and starting it again will fix it. Other times no go, start & stop & restart still slow, reboot both systems, restart TV 13.2 it's fast again. It's the same using Linux to Winblows, Winblows to Winblows.

    The three computers I'm doing right now were uploading around 200kbs. :( Their tested speed 77 Mb/s down 11 Mb/s up, my speed (on Linux) 357 Mb/s down 23.9 Mb/s up. And the upload trying all three one at a time never got over 212kb/s :( I have been using TV since version 10 and version 11 was the fastest. Not as many bells and whistles I don't use anyway and a lot less problems. I would just switch back to 12 a little slower then 11 but the best version  once the couple glitches were fixed. I do like the Linux version MUCH better then the big HUGE BLOATED version in Winblows. I like the thin **bleep** :Computers & Contacts" taking up no room. 

    Also I see lots of stuff being removed by admins? That is really sad TV never used to do that you guys were great at letting people voice what they thought was good? And other software to use when yours is broken but now it gets blocked/removed? I think that is a mistake if people are not happy, try to help them not sensor them. :)

    Yes I have always used the paid version. :)

  • LOLOL OMG who are your PC police? You ***bleep*** out thin "s-t-r-i-p"??? LOLOLOL WOW!

  • Julia,

    your is not a solution... 

    After asking for renewal every year and paying a lot of money to go to corporate when you give me a product that makes 200 downloads always as advertised when my clients and I have VDSL2 V +?

  • Unfortunately I agree with pretty much every one else here. The transfer speeds are so slow we are thihnking about moving to a different remote software. Maybe one that has better speeds and doesn't cost so much every year. Please fix asap or we will be forced to move on from TV.


  • This solution is basically an acknowledge of issue on Teamviewer. As somehow, Teamviewer choose to limit TCP speed to 120kb/s.

    TCP has flow control and can control speed itself. And all file transfer services use TCP.

    UDP is impractical for reliable file transfer. I don't understand why Teamviewer designer would choose to use such protocol for file transfer. Maybe this answer has some wrong statement.

    Regarding to the feature request, it's now NOV 2018 with Teamviewer V14.A whole year later, and still there's no improvement on file transfer speed. When will this feature request be implemented?
  • Even with running TCP,  it is so slow its like almost worse then old modems. Is this because its a free version? Are they throttling the speed because of this. this is only reason I can think of. It is so bad its almost comical.... It actually seems like it has gotten worse with each new version. 



  • No, this is not limited to the free version.  We paid for our version and it does the same thing and appears to be the same issue with the newer versions. 

    We use another provider and the file transfers are fast. 

  • sorh
    sorh Posts: 1

    This issue isn't solved and all julia does is repeat the same lines over the years.

    At least be sincere to us and admit Teamviewer doesnt give a **bleep** about file transfer speed and is not working on that.


  • " Julia repeat the same lines over the years" ...Do not worry's coming google ...

    [link removed per Community Guidelines]

    for now it does not do the file transfer but soon it will do that too ...and if temviever will not do anything, I know that they will lose many customers who pay a lot of money for his licenses teamviewer run 

  • abri
    abri Posts: 2 ✭✭
    I noticed that this slow file transfer **** came about 2012-2013. Before that it was as fast as your internet connection would allow. Since transferring files between two clients is a really easy non-complicated task I suspect that they are using (forced?) a MITM filter or other kind of moderation. Blaiming it on UDP (with automatic fallback to TCP), well... duh. We've solved it by using WebDav, FTP and different cloud services for files instead of Teamviewer. Both the free and PaidLicense versions behaves the same
  • scatudal
    scatudal Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Same here,

    No mather where i connect it's always that slow. There is clearly some throttle going on with teamviewer. I ran a test one night at 3AM from one of my office servers to my system at home. Being the admin, i knew there was absolutely nothing happening that night, no maintenant, network was just quiet.

    Office link : 100/100

    Home link : 1000/1000 

    Yet... i simply couldnt go higher than 1mbps.... Tested with both a personnal free acount and our corporate one.

    Same test from our ftp server, i topped of the office link at 100mbps...

    As Abri mentionned, we now simply use other methods for large file transfers. Either cloud or FTP. It's a bit sad though, as it requires additionnal steps for no reason, when a simple drag and drop should work (as it does with Competitors such as Dameware).


  • til now your file transfer feature are too slow! we pay for your software but we are not satisfied to transfer speed. please fix it!! patch it!

  • Busser
    Busser Posts: 3

    Hi TeamViewer

    Will you please work on the Transfer speed in your product.

    Transfer 800MB takes on 1Gbit internet connection about 1.5 Hours.

    Upload to dropbox and then download it on the client computer 2 min max.

    Cant be right that we are paying a licens for this ...

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