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No connection from Linux client to Smartphone, via QuickSupport

Hi all!


My first post, after using TeamViewer for a while without any real issue, so a nice piece of software :-)

I've made two changes, so I'm not sure which change lead me to my current issue:

  1. I've upgraded my Linux TeamViewer installation from 11 to current 13
  2. I've switched to another android, as my old broke

Connecting from my Linux TV13 to another Linux TV13 or a Windows 10 TV13 works fine.

Connecting from my old TV11 installation to my old android worked fine. Except of missing German umlauts when typing remotely, but who cares ;-)

My new Android is a Lenovo C2 (internal name K10a40), Android 6.0.

TV QuickSupport 13.0.7847, asked/lead me to install "Add-On: Lenovo (c)", Version is 10.0.3086

After starting QuickSupport, I've tried two ways, both failed:

  1. Connect the "classic" way via TV client. Connection is established at first, Android ask "Allow remote support". TV client says "Authentification accepted". After that nothing more, "ready to connect" on both sides
  2. Connect via Browser on Linux is always saying "Automatically starting remote control sessions is not supported on this device. Please open this link on a supported device.". Tried both Firefox and Chromium, to be sure that's not a browser issue.


Any hints would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance,






  • Same problem here.. Windows 7 to Android, and Windows to Linux Ubuntu 14.x LTS (both with TV v.13.x): no problems.. Linux to Android 6 and 7 with QS 13: do not work (tested with and without Samsung Addon). Any help will be highly appreciated (non commercial).

  • Michaelof
    Michaelof Posts: 3

    After upgrading  to OpenSuse 15.0 I've also installed the newest Teamviewer 13.13026, still same issue.


    And for months now not a single hint for a solution :-(

    Yes, I'm using the private use-only, personal, free edition, so I don't expect any real support.

    But for what reason does this "community" exist, if no one from the teamviewer teams seems reading posts?

    In contrast I'm deeply impressed by the effort spent for community's "security", the login procedure really makes fun:

    - enter login credentials

    - spent ~5 min for the captchas until you've found all "road-signs" or whatever

    - always log in from the same (Linux) box and always have (the same device) to register as "trusted" device, so

    - waiting for an email,

    - follow the link,

    - and, dingalingaling, spent the next five minutes soving ridiculous captchas.

    Maybe spending a little less time for "securing" the community site and little more time answering to posts?

    (sarcasm off)

  • Michaelof
    Michaelof Posts: 3



    Tried again, after a longer while, trying to establish a TV session from my linux box to my smartphone. Failed again, as to be expected, but before I was able trying to narrow down a little bit more what might be the reason I was "informed" by TV that I'm probably using the product commercialy ....

    --> NO, TV team, I'm not using TV commercially, I'm simply NOT using TV currently, I'm not able to use it in whatever licensing related way, because of for months unfixed product bugs!

    (A pity that this forum has no  "crack my head against the wall" emoticon)

    Opened a "Commercial Use Suspected form" request, site informed me about up to four weeks waiting time. At least no captchas on this site :smileyfrustrated:

  • same

    old version brought up something about commercial use 


    upgraded and now it just does not even try connecting 


    my Android phone connects to android tv box but I want to connect via my ubuntu PC 

    both quick support/host are not working 


  • Any update on this I'm getting the exact same problem and error using Firefox on Linux Mint 19

    I also cannot do it via the actual Team Viewer app/client exactly as stated by Michaelof. Using the latest version currently 13.2.13582.

    Hope there can be a resolution soon. Thanks I apprecitate the current support for Linux.

  • LordHelmchen
    LordHelmchen Posts: 8 ✭✭

    Same problem here. I try connecting to TVQS on an Android phone (but from Team Viewer 14 on Xubuntu), QuickSupport asks for confirmation, I allow and then  and nothing happens.

    It's a shame how you are letting Linux down all the time. Didn't you notice that Windows on the Desktop is dying?


  • xji
    xji Posts: 1
    Same problem. The connection cannot be established. Is there at least somebody from TV to acknowledge that they know this problem exists? Personal users can't be the only ones that are affected.
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