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Switch from private to commercial back and forth

I'm richt now working in a home office on my private computer.

From the company I'm working for I got the account A ([email protected]) and for my private use (to help my parents and wife) account b ([email protected]). So when I use the computer private I use [email protected] to connect with my parents and if I have to connect to the computers from the company I'm working for [email protected] 

My question now is how I can handle this? When I switch back to my private account it tell me that teamviewer see that there is commercial use and with account A I'm not allowed to use it also private. How I can handle this?

I think in my case I use the free license for private use only and the commercial license for commercial only. But can't write each week a mail to teamviewer and let them (again) unlock my private teamviewer account.

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  • Gonzoz
    Gonzoz Posts: 1

    If I've got the free version and have been using it for personal use only, but now the company I work for needs me to work from home, can I change the usage type in the settings and continue without having to uninstall and install again just to select corporate use during the install process?

  • hubwood
    hubwood Posts: 4

    Wow Thats so unacceptable. I just destroyed my private computers possibility now to help my parents by actually PAYING for the software? Common, you HAVE to be kidding me???

    Im not planing on extending the subscription if thats the case.

  • HansG
    HansG Posts: 4

    Hello @Gonzoz ,

    The only way you can do this is a) if you run Teamviewer for the commercial use on a separate Computer or b) on a Virtual Machine .

    The User ID is bound on the actual machine you are using. So if you (like me) are working in a home office there are only this two options.

    Once you have used a Commercial License on your computer, it is no longer possible to use that computer for a Private License. I therefore make it so that I use the license provided by my company on a separate computer and use another computer for the support of friends and family.

    Since not everyone necessarily has two or more computers available for this nonsense, it is also possible to set up a virtual machine with Linux (free) or Windows and run a commercial license in this environment to continue to run your free license on the same computer.

    I hope I could help with this.

  • HansG
    HansG Posts: 4

    Hello@hubwood ,

    That was exactly my reaction. And the best thing is when I tried to recover my private uses Licens again I never got an answer from Teamviewer Support to release the Teamviewer back to non commercial.
    But I learned out of it and so I seperated my licenses on two machines in the same network. One computer for the commercial part (for my company) and the other for family and friends.

    Problem solved.

  • hubwood
    hubwood Posts: 4

    I "solved" it by installing a clean windows 10 onto an USB Stick from which i can boot when I want to help friends or family (Slow and annoying).
    But it is still not acceptable that I have to do that.

    If you TRUST your customers that they pay for the software when they use it commercially, you should trust them with switching back and forth from private to commercial.


  • HansG
    HansG Posts: 4

    @hubwoodI absolutely agree. Think there are many customers who have a private license (for non comercial use) and a company license which you may only use for your company but on your private computer. (when you work in your homeoffice)

    I think if they would link it to the account instead of the user id the problem would be solved and you could clearly distinguish between commercial and private use.

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