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No connection to TeamViewer Server - Please check your internet connection


I use TeamViewer for personal use (to connect to my 'elderly' parents PC to help them when they have problems!), but they are having an issie connecting to the TeamViewer server.

They are currently on TeamViewer 12 on Windows 10 and it was all working fine previously, but they are now getting the following error on the TeamViewer home screen: Not Ready. Please Check Your Connection.

When we try to do anything in TeamViewer (eg. update the software) they get the following error:

No Connection to the TeamViewer Server. Please check your internet connection. Most likely you use a proxy server and you have to enter the proper information in the options dialogue.

They are connected to the internet (IE & Email are working fine) and they do not use a proxy server (I have double checked the settings in IE) , so I am struggling to work out why TeamViewer has stopped working - Can anyone assist?



  • Hi,
    Did you manage to solve this. I have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated
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