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From around 3pm Australian EST, I am unable to connect to any devices. The devices appear Online in my TeamViewer list, but when connection (Remote Access using password) is attempted, the attempt lasts for 2-3 seconds, then disappears without any error messages. Two of my remote machines are within walking distance, and they are working OK, and have TeamViewer running on them. I restarted TeamViewer on the remote machine and on my PC, but it has not helped.

TEAMVIEWER Australian support number is also not ringing. Perhaps it is overloaded?

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  • Taso
    Taso Posts: 1

    Having the same issue.  V11 purchased.  Rebooted each end and they immediately disconnect.  Has to be a backend issue on their part.

  • KKarl
    KKarl Posts: 8

    TV.jpg. however indicates everything is OK.


  • I am having problems reaching any of my hosts via teamviewer.

  • micsak
    micsak Posts: 1

    me too

    I have problem to connect to my hosts

  • AsafE
    AsafE Posts: 1

    me too

    What make me angry is that everything is normal on!

  • I'm having the exact same issue. I cannot access any of my saved connetions.

  • mc5
    mc5 Posts: 2

    Same issue, I noticed it around the same time (3pm AEDT)

  • We still facing issue with connecting host

  • me too
  • I get this message posted in log files for all of the machines i try to connect to any of my connections:

    2018/10/09 07:01:21.848 11928 20804 G1   LoginOutgoing: Terminated by client

    It seeems authentication is failing. Team Viewer support urgently needs to look into this

  • me too, saya mengalami masalah yang sama di indonesia

  • sinesang
    sinesang Posts: 1

    here in Singapore also same issue 

  • salihk
    salihk Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Morning Surprise.

    We are also having the same issue. We are using Team Viewer 11.
  • Doru
    Doru Posts: 1

    In Romania the same issue. Do you write a ticket?

  • Yep...submitting a ticket also takes forever, so I'm guessing that....

    A - All of Teamviewer is **bleep**

    B - THat includes their monitoring systems

    C - Their support staff probably cant use teamviewer to access the servers that are down :-)


  • IN b4 16TH. [Maybe]

    Same problem. Attempted multiple machines with different versions. Windows + Mac. Appears to not even begin authentication (Immediate error)

    Good luck Team TeamViewer.

  • UK Here,

    Just tried to connect to host using TV12

    The system will not connect.

    TV - please advise on your course of action to resolve.

  • petir
    petir Posts: 1

    is there any update from teamviewer. try to call hotline number but its unreachable

  • Not only Australian. Hello from Russia )) Cant connect to LAN PC with TeamViewer ))) Cant authenticate
  • Russia - fixed. Now i can connect. Tnx )
  • mc5
    mc5 Posts: 2

    Sydney Australia Fixed

  • salihk
    salihk Posts: 2 ✭✭

    It is working now in UAE

  • KKarl
    KKarl Posts: 8
    Vielen Dank Esther. Alles gut!
  • Esther thanks for the update.  Why wait until the problem is fixed to notify your end users?  The fact the your status board did not show any problems even when this problem was happening that is not good enough. The whole idea of the status board is a place people can go to get the current status of the system. That way we can let our clients know why we are unable to provide remote support.  I know that you guys would be working flat out to solve the issue, but your clients were in the dark.  That is not good enough.  If you are going to have a system status board please have it show a valid status not the status you want it to be.  It is useless to me and probably everyone else who visited that site expecting to get valid information.  The deafening silence from Teamviewer while this was unfolding is not good enough.




  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,627 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi @rsgooch

    Thanks for your feedback. 

    I will definitely forward this internally and I can assure you that we are always trying to provide the best support possible and I can only apologize for today´s delay in the communication.

    Best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,627 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi again,

    To keep you updated: I posted a summary of today´s connection issue here.

    Thanks again and best,


    Community Manager
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