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14.0.8346 Beta Memory Leak

Experiencing a memory leaking in Teamviewer remote client on a Mac OS running Majoave Version 10.14.  It is consistently requiring a "Force Quit" as it completely tanks my Mac Book Pro available memory.  Anyone else running into this? 


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  • I've the same problem. Teamviewer 14 is not usable because of using all memory.

  • Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 2.44.15 PM.png

    Same here. First I've noticed huge freezes while using program. Then all my applications started to close each by other. After I opened Activity Monitor I was shocked...

  • ndit
    ndit Posts: 9

    Same here

  • Julia
    Julia Posts: 290 Staff member 🤠

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your feedback - I forwarded it to our development and we are working on it.

    I will keep you updated!


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  • Thanks nickola. That really illustrates it!  My memory usage is similar.  In order to use the product - which I'm more or less coerced into even in the Beta with the "your partner is using a later version" - since they always update unknowningly - I have to force quit every 15 minutes.  Additionally, the latency when typing reminds me of the 1440 baud modems of '80s.

    Teamviewer staff:  Would be great if you didn't "suggest updates" for users to BETA versions.  I'm paying you a lot of money annually for a product that works.  Not to do your testing. 

  • Same here. I can use TV only a few minutes :(

    The connection is very laggy (although we have 100/100Mbits), sometimes it crashes completly.

    When is an update avalible? 

  • CDT
    CDT Posts: 3

    Ditto - unusable even on high spec MBP..... should we uninstall and revert to v13?

  • yeah. same hare. high end CTO imac but since I upgraded to this preview, remote work became a burdain. can't work at all (laggy connection, laggy app response, it even lags other apps as well). i'm also on Mojave. 


    Screenshot 2018-11-03 19.24.52.png

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