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Policy Assigment Not Working

Policy Assigment seems Not Working.

I assigned the policy to the group, but the devices are not "inheritaging".

In the management console, the "policy" column is empty for every devices.

When I assign a policy directly to the device from the device's properties, the property is not changed.

When use Assign Teamviewer policies button under Design & Deploy, it get stuck on "assigning policy".


  • Two months later, no answer from TV staff...

    I found by myself how to correctly apply policy;

    • The devices in the group don't inherit the policy if a policy is applied to the group after the devices has been added to the group: you need to change the policy to "inherit" on all devices
    • Moving the devices to a new group with policy applied don't work either.
    • Assign to many devices still get stuck on assigning policy with Internet Explorer, it works with Firefox ans Chrome but the javascript get frequently stucked.

    The only reliable way I found is to use the API to force inherit on all devices in a group:


    $token = "XXXXX"
    $bearer = "Bearer",$token
    $header = New-Object "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[[String],[String]]"
    $header.Add("authorization", $bearer)
    # Récupérer l'ID du groupe [NAME]
    $request = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "" -Method Get -Headers $header
    $GroupID = $
    # Récupérer tous les devices du groupe [NAME]
    $request = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$GroupID" -Method Get -Headers $header

    $data = @{
    policy_id = "inherit";
    $json = $data | ConvertTo-Json;
    $contentType = "application/json"

    ForEach($item in $request.devices)
    # On passe en mode hériter
    if($Item.policy_id -notlike "inherit"){
    $DeviceID = $Item.device_id
    # Appliquer la stratégie
    $request = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$DeviceID" -ContentType $contentType -Method Put -Headers $header -Body $Json

    write-host $x

    I think that policy apply should be improved and the way it works well documented.

    Hope this post will help.


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