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License does not exist when downloading MSI Teamviewer 12


I try to download the MSI file for deploying Teamviewer 12 on all pc's but I get an error message that my license doesn't exists.

Which is strange because We use this license on a daily basis without a problem. I get the same error message when trying to create a support ticket.

Can someone be of any assistance please? Thanks in advance!

2018-07-13 12_05_10-Download MSI pakket.png



  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,110 Former Community Manager

    Hi @sammartens

    Here is a link to download the MSI package.

    Currently it is only for TeamViewer 13, but I´ll send ou the link for TeamViewer 12 separatly.

    Thanks and I am sorry for the hassle.



    Former Community Manager

  • We have the same issue now with downloading version 14 msi.

    Is this a fault in checking or is there a problem with our license?