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ethernet compatibility issue when connecting mac and PC

I have been trying to connect my mac to my vic via ethernet using teamviewer and sometimes it works really well and sometimes its really slow. i have tried connecting the pc to another pc and its fine so it looks like a compaibility issue. the mac can connect to the pc over the wireless network but this also suffers slowdown when it is in high use. it makes a lot more sense to connect over a wierless network (they are right next to each other). are there any suggestions for how i could overcome this compitibility ussue? thanks.


  • i should add that i am connecting to the internet through a wirless connection. i am using team viewer so i can use my macs(built in)monitor for my pc. i have managed to get a good connection by connecting them both to an old wifirouter(via ethernet) but then the pc trues to connect to the internet through this router (which isnt connected to the internet), the mac is fine...(quite complicated...)

  • i have managed to solve this problem now by changing the network priority settings on the PC using this guide

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