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Can't paste text into a Teamviewer session on headless Ubuntu Server

So I installed Teamviewer 12 on my Ubuntu Server which is 100% terminal/console and it was cool how smooth and how well the process works.  I wanted to trial something as an alternative to PuTTY that is much more modern and flexible (like Teamviewer) and once I provie it work on my home lab, convice my work to buy it.  But there is one annoying problem - I cannot copy text from my Windows 10 host and paste it into my Ubuntu 16 LTS console teamviewer session.  I have tried everything I can think of.  This is an absolute requirement as we copy paste text and commands over PuTTY call day.  Can someone tell me how to copy and paste text into a TeamViewer headless linux session (ubuntu server)?  Many thanks



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  • mrcodeine
    mrcodeine Posts: 2

    Thank you for letting me know.  It would be a good feature suggestion to pass on.  Cheers.

  • sadha
    sadha Posts: 1


    What is the status of this feature request?


  • arzka
    arzka Posts: 1

    Please add this feature! Without it the teamviewer connections to headless console linux computers are pretty much useless. Not to mention installing teamviewer 13 on a Centos 7 was much, MUCH harder than mentioned in your documentation. 

  • HugoV
    HugoV Posts: 1
    What is the status of this request? Not being able to copy/paste in a headless console only teamviewer host installation is really annoying.
    BR Hugo
  • Another user who would love this feature for headless Ubuntu VPS installs.
    It seems quite some time has passed and this feature is no closer to becoming reality.
    The only other option available is to use SSH/Putty because apparently it has more practical functionality than Teamviewer on headless VPS's at this point.
    Please hurry this one up guys!

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