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How to store personal settings for a remote server?

I do many remote tv sessions a day.

Each time when connecting to a server I need to: Adjust screen resolution and resize the window according to my needs.

Is there a way to save time by storing this?

I'm not paid for pushing the mouse or clicking through menus, but to solve customer issues. This is simply wasting my precious time.

Best regards


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  • Thank you very much,

    that works fine. It'll take a while to set this to all my contacts, **bleep** it will help. The setting could be a little simpler to access...

    Have a nice week end!


  • The **bleep** was just a typo, sorry. Meant but with single "t"

  • This would help me as well, but I don't see advanced settings in my desktop version. Is this a paid feature?

  • Katharina
    Katharina Posts: 135 [Former Staff]

    Hi ViewerBee, 

    Thank you for your post! 

    The advanced settings for remote computers are available to all TeamViewer users. It does not matter whether you have a licence or whether you are using the free version. 

    In order to access the advanced settings, please sign in to your account in the Computers & contacts list, mouse over a remote machine and click on the small drop-down arrow that appears. In the new window that opens, please click on the small gearwheel icon and select “Properties”. In the new window that opens, you should be able to see "Advanced" as shown in the screenshot above.

    I hope that helps. 

    All the best,



  • Hi Katharina,

    Thank you for your quick response! Here is a screenshot of my Partner Properties settings. I don't see anything when I hover over a connection name, but the gearwheel icon is available in the menu to the right. When I click on Properties this is what I see, no "Advanced" option as in your screenshot.

    2017-03-28 09_14_49-Solved_ Re_ How to store personal settings for a remote server_ - TeamViewer Com.png

    Let me know if I'm missing something!



  • I should note this is occurring on my Mac, OS X 10.11.5, as noted in the caption above. I do see the option on Windows machines. If this is a known issue it would be great to know, especially if there's a work-around!

  • Katharina
    Katharina Posts: 135 [Former Staff]

    Hi ViewerBee, 

    Thank you for your posts!

    The problem is in fact that this feature is not available on Mac computers. That is why I am unfortunately not able to suggest any workaround for this. 

    I have however forwarded your request to our product management to see whether this option could be implemented in a future version of TeamViewer. 

    I am sorry that I cannot offer you a better solution for the time being, but hope that the lack of this feature on Mac systems will not inconvenience you too much.

    All the best,


  • Katharina,

    Thank you for your response. By now I've assumed that was the case. Thank you for forwarding the feature request as well! It would would save me many keystrokes, and be comparable to the GoToMyPC solution.

    Best regards,


  • Bevan
    Bevan Posts: 1


    I found this thread and it covers exactly what I was after with clear and helpful instructions.

    Unfortunately, it isn't working for me. I have followed all the steps and all my settings are saving as I want them, but when I remote log in to control my PC from my android tablet the settings have no effect. I have restarted teamviewer on both devices and can confirm that the settings have been saved when I log back in, but when I log into my windows 10 PC from my tablet it stays at the PC resolution of 1680x1050 and does not change to 1280x800 as is saved in both my PC and the group advanced settings.

    I installed teamviewer 13 a few days ago and am loving it (I cannot afford a laptop powerful enough to run the software required by my course - but I can run it remotely on my desktop at home), and if I could get this feature to work it would be even better.

    Sorry to respond to such an old thread but it is exactly what I was looking for. Any help would be appreciated.



  • deejinoz
    deejinoz Posts: 16 ✭✭

    The fact that this thread has been marked as solved kind of goes to the heart of the problems I am encountering, with TeamViewer, since moving from Windows to macOS, as my primary computer OS. TeamViewer are not prioritising resolving too many long standing design flaws and omissions, in their macOS, and some could no doubt argue all other non-Windows platform, products.