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Teamviewer pushing my cursor to the corner of my screen

So sometimes my Teamviewer window just starts pushing my cursor away from it whenever I put it on it. It's very annoying and very oftently getting in the way. I am on 14.1.3399, using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, ver. 1809



  • galvrz
    galvrz Posts: 15

    are you sure someone is not logged into your account and moving the mouse? I've not seen this activitiy yet on either the mac or linux builds

  • DAW
    DAW Posts: 2 ✭✭

    The same thing is happening when I'm using teamviewer. Sometimes I even get 2 cursor - the one I'm using and another that goes different places..

    Whats up with that?????

  • Sorry I'm so late to responding, I never got an email for the replies.

    There is no one else on my account, nor does it act like someone else's cursor movement, it happens on my comptuer which is not being controlled by teamviewer, and it consistently happens when I try putting my cursor into the remote screen. I am absolutely certain that this is a bug which causes the cursor to teleport to the edges of my screen.

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