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How to reenable disable remote input on Free version?

Today when I tried remoting into my families computer I was unable to disable remote input and the a pop up stating that I need to buy a commerical license for this feature. I have been using the free version for years and there was no notice about this possible feature change. How can we reenable this feature on a free version?


  • Bordoc
    Bordoc Posts: 1
    Seriously have the same issue, I didn't even upgrade versions and all of a sudden I can't disable remote input or show black screen on remote. I use TV to remote into my home PC multiple times a week and I don't want my kids messing with the computer while i'm doing so, if it's truly removed, i'll be finding a new program for my remote PC connections.
  • Serg81
    Serg81 Posts: 4
    plz let us know if you find something for occasional use
    BIGLAR Posts: 1
    Same happened to me today!
  • So there is no plan to re-enable access for legitimate users who depend on this functionality?
  • Serg81
    Serg81 Posts: 4

    i guess no .  they cant  find out whos legit and whos not.  

  • For occasional personal use, the [The price has been removed by a moderator] per month cost of a full Teamviewer license is absolutely rediculous!!!  I use Teamviewer to help my senior citizen grandmother when she screws up her computer.  I need the "disable remote input" feature to stop her messing with her computer while I'm trying to fix her problem!!!  Teamviewer, if you really must charge to get around scammers, you guys need a really cheap version that includes features like this for people like me.  I'd be prepared to pay [The price has been removed by a moderator] per year, but no more.

  • Serg81
    Serg81 Posts: 4

    Man,  i spent under 1 hour  to google for alternative and found it.  [the price has been removed bu a moderator] per year,  all the same functions, tested , works great. I can lock my kids laptop when shes playing too much  and help my mom.   We dont have any freedom of speech  here and im sure  those greedy ppl gna edit this msg but probably youll get it as is in your email notification.  

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,337 Community Manager

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    First of all: There are no plans to cancel the free plan of TeamViewer. However – we are trying to develop the different plans of TeamViewer according to the needs of the respective clients.

    Therefore, we are currently rolling out a global change to the feature set of the TeamViewer free plan. We apologize for not having communicated this with anticipation.

    The features, which we are disabling for the free plan are Remote Printing, Enabling Black Screen and Switching Sides.

    We carefully selected those features which are mostly used for commercial purposes like Home Office to avoid impairments in the personal use.

    Moreover, this change is also an important effort to protect people against potentials scams.

    As said above, the personal use of TeamViewer for connections via the wide range of platforms including a multitude of features remains free, and the full feature set is of course still available for all who need to use it for their work – like for regular customer support or home office – as we only removed the features from the free plan.

    Thanks and best,


    Community Manager
  • There are sooo many issues with that statment where to begin.... 

    This clearly is an example of a company trying force users of their highly promoted free features to buying their over priced Product now. 

    Also, there was ZeRo notice of this coming. And to use scammers as the scapegoat is clearly lazy. You cloud easily corrolate the data you have to identify bad actors and single them out. 

    Assuming that the bulk of the users use these features for remote work is soo out of left field. I would say the majority of the users using this feature are people helping their familys out with IT issues. In my case I used them to troubleshoot issues on my kids computers with out them trying to take over control.

    In the end, TV is just pushing people away from their product. From their obsurd license plan to their clear lack of intergrity, they will likely backtrack soon once they see the uninstalls flooding in.

    PS, your heavy hand censoring on the community form only alienates users looking for simply solutions while we wait for replies from the mods that rarely post.

  • Evicos
    Evicos Posts: 1
    Fully agree with all of the above, today when remoting to my father and wanting him to stop messing with the installation and to show him something it was really just an annoyance to open teamviewer on his PC and remote back to myself, then remoting back to him. Just a really weird and absurd way to handle things, besides all your plans are business plans there are no reasonable pricing for the personal one.

    I use teamviewer at my office with about 50 users and there the pricing is just fine, but the same exact pricing to remote to 1-2 users per month is just insane.
  • I fully agree with the two post above. Evem though I am an elderly person, my friends to assist are even older. And I often have to show them my screen to get them help. So bring back "switch sides with partner"!

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