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Teamviewer over mpls

V hv various remote lan conbections with different ip range like one location ip 192.168.1.x and another location 192.168.2.x and so on. All location are under mpls vpn. Hoe can we use teamviwer to connect remote pc w/o internet.


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  • joe78man
    joe78man Posts: 2

    Didn't work for me. I did it in the past but now it just cannot connect to the other PC via lan.

    I connected through internet (1 meter away each desktop) and set it to accept lan connections. Then closed the session and tried with the IP, but it didnt work.

    Translating from spanish it says "connection with the associate could not be established with the indicated network address".

    I ping the ip and it responds, in fact I can use a remote app in my phone that works with lan connections only. Both computers are in the same network and same workgroup.

    Any hint?

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