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Active Directory Synch - Summary of what it's purpose is?

Could anyone explain to me what the purpose of this is?

I have read the documentation which outlines nicely how to do it but I simply havent seen any information about the use case for it.

Is there any purpose in having a user account when we are doing an MSI deployment via SCCM which auto assigns the asset into the remote control centre?

Can you create TV accounts for all users and then somehow tie their assets to them to enable remote connections? 


  • Stanislav
    Stanislav Posts: 298 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @NigeNZ 


    Thanks for the post. 

    If I understood correctly you are deploying TeamViewer via MSI deployment tool and you would like to have an option to assign Asset management directly when deploying. 

    If that is the case Then at this moment we do not have an option to assign a remote Management service while deploying TeamViewer. It is on our roadmap and we will definitely add this option. 

    For the time being you can deploy Remote Management services with a few clicks from the Management console - Monitoring tab or Asset management Tab using the "+" sign 

    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • NigeNZ
    NigeNZ Posts: 8

    @Stanislav not quite 

    I am deploying the MSI package, I want to return the Alias as the logged on username (as well as or instead of the computername) or failing that have some sort of way of quering the currently logged on unit to Automatically update the Alias