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Could not connect to partner

Can no longer connect to remote computers.

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  • I am having this same issue with Android to Android access. Woke up, went to access an Android phone remotely. Phone was online but fails to connect every time. I no longer receive the "External connection (outgoing)", either when I try to connect to my remote Android device.
  • Same problem here since 1 day. Cannot connect to any computer. I can see my other computers are online. But if I try to connect, nothing happens. No connection, no error message, nothing.

  • Solution: As one user suggested, I disabled IPV6 on the adapter and now it works. Try it. But we need a more professional solution from Teamviewer.

  • klabacka
    klabacka Posts: 1

    Success for me was disabling IPv6 on both devices before success.

  • I will try this solution on my Android phones. Should I disable it for both phones?
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