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Use Teamviewer for both commercial and non-commercial use


I've used TeamViewer for non-commercial use for a lot of years, since it all started and I've enjoyed it since!

However, I recently started working for a company who uses TeamViewer for commercial use and that's where the problems have started.

I uninstalled my current TeamViewer install and installed it again and choose "Both" for what my use is, Commerical and non-commerical.I've got a private TeamViewer account which I'm using for controlling my other computers at home and helping family members and I also got a commercial user from my company which I'm using to log in to help customers of that company. This all worked for a week until now when I'm currently getting this message when I'm trying to remotely connected to my computer at home from a Samsung Galaxy S8+: "Blocked because commerical use suspected", and the currently inlogged user on that home computer is my private user.

I kind of understand the message, if I would be logged in with my commerical license, but I'm only using that license a few days a week at most, and I'm logging out from my personal/private account when I'm using my commerical account to help customers, otherwise I'm always logged in with my private/personal TeamViewer account.

Is it not possible to use it in this intended way, I can't really understand the option to choose "both" when installating TeamViewer if so. Or do I have to do something to get it working the way I've described?

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  • YW
    YW Posts: 2


    I'd like to ask a follow-up question.

    Say I have computer A, B, C1, C2.
    A is a commercial computer with teamviewer license.
    B, C1, and C2 are non-commercial computers at home without license and installed with "personal usage".
    Only B's teamviewer is logged in with a teamviewer account.

    In this situation, can I:
    (1) use B to control A, C1, and C2?
    (2) use C1 or C2 to control B? (This was the scenario asked in the original post and the answer was no in March 2018 but I'm not sure whether it's fixed by the production management team.)

    Explanation: B is my main personal computer, C1 is my phone, C2 could be a personal computer from any of my friend.

    Thank you,

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi YW

    Thanks for posting.

    A is commercial. So you cannot use the free version to connect to it at all from any of the other 3.

    You cannot cross free use and commercial use. And as A is a commercial device, you cannot connect to it from the free version, you must utilise the license.

    The only thing to remember is that if you are connecting to a commercial device, you need to be using a license and a device cannot be used for both commercial and free purposes


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  • I wonder how a device can't be used for both accounts private and commercial as soon as at installing there is the existance of selection both? What that "both"  propose is?

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    The "Both" button is there to remove any "Grey" zones.

    The free version does not cover any amount of Commercial use. So the "Both" button indicates you are using it commercially. This will start the Commercial trial the same as the "Commercial" button.

    This way if people are going to be using it both commercially and personally, it is clear that this is not covered by the free version.

    The free version of TeamViewer cannot be used on a device that is used for commercial purposes. So although I understand that some of your usage is commercial and some is personal, the only way for us to create a system that splits commercial and personal use on one device would be to monitor the content of your connections which we will not (and can not) do as the connections are end-to-end encrypted.

     It would also not make sense for us to only track the usage by accounts as they can be easily deleted or replaced, also the software can be used without an account.


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  • I didn't know anything about limitation (gray buttons) in the case of free version, but if you say that this is the big difference and you can't find a solution to be solved between two type of using commercial and non-commercial I give you a hint. Deliver two software one free and another one commercial, they should be totally different but it will be clear which software is used and for what propose. You should see that this mix between commercial and non-commercial really created a problem in thousands of users using teamviewer. At this moment I'm locked with free account.

  • I have to agree with above comments. I have an old private account, and my work account (licensed) - with different email adrreses, obviously. Using the licensed account has made it impossible to use my private account.  I connect to literally one device at home with this one, and you can understand why I wouldn't want this device on our company list.

    I see the comments about letting the developers know. Surely you can see the use case here, especially when a company uses shared connection lists.

  • Brausmith
    Brausmith Posts: 1

    I too am now stuck in this private vs commercial situation. What a terrible design decision.

    The sad part about it is that TeamViewer is trying so hard to determine if a connection is commercial, that in doing so they **bleep** over some of their more loyal commercial customers who would also like to occasionally use it privately.

    Here's my use case. I frequently travel, and at times my wife at home has PC issues. While I am sitting in my hotel room I need to be able to provide some private remote tech support.

    What a mess.

  • Agreed, this is a problem. I sometimes need to connect to the office, using our commerical license. I would log into the commercial licensed account, and log out when done. I'd like to use my personal account to control other PCs in the household. I obviously can't do that or run the risk of my personal machine being flagged. A machine that would never be connected FROM a commercial device, although that would not flag anything. You guys need to solve this.

  • I am having this same issue and as the teamviewer account admistator for my company. I am having a tough time deciding to keep our subscription running if they can not manage to handle such a simple and common situation. I was about to upgrade our account to a higher pricing teir but there are plenty of other remote connection software out there. Not to mention the fact that this situation has been happening for over 2 years and no attempt at a solution has been made. 

  • I used TeamViewer to help my parents and friends with computer issues. It worked well and I proposed the product to be used for business at my company. We did buy licenses. Now I cannot use it for personal use. The only solution I see is to stop paying for commercial licenses, buy another commercial product for business and continue to use TeamViewer for personal use (I can find other good commercial products but there are not too many free ones). How does that make any business sense for TeamViewer? I hope that you are going to find a solution to this big issue.

  • Tom44
    Tom44 Posts: 2

    Now I use ***Third Party Product*** instead of TeamViewer. It does not have as many features as TeamViewer but is 100% free and it works well.

  • @Tom44 wrote:

    Now I use ***Third Party Product*** instead of TeamViewer. It does not have as many features as TeamViewer but is 100% free and it works well.

    Thanks! We'll have to try

  • PrimozR
    PrimozR Posts: 1

    Smooth, Teamviewer censoring the solution to their problem that's been around for 3 years. Makes much more sense tan to actually fix the problem...

  • I also fail to see why this is an impossible task. Upon installing Teamviewer, choose which licenses can connect TO the device. But allow you to login on the device with an account type of your choice and allow remote connections FROM your device to any other device type.

    This means i can login using my companys commercial license on my personal pc, to provide urgen assistance even if i'm at home. This would also allow me to connect to my home desktop while at work. But it won't allow for a personal license to connect to my laptop pc or a commercial license to connect to my home pc.

    With corona hitting the world, and working from home being encouraged, it'd be nice to be able to sit at my comfy desktop pc with proper audio, keyboard and mouse, while connecting to my work laptop which i put in a corner somewhere. Naturally my company won't invest in a monitor setup or docking system for my work laptop @ home.

    Besides, using teamviewer for web i believe these restrictions don't apply.

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